Worthy Tarot Code of Ethics

Below is the Code of Ethics which I abide by in all Tarot readings:

  • Worthy Tarot is an equal opportunity reader! You will never be discriminated against or refused a reading based on religious affiliation, sexual orientation, race or sex.
  • All issues presented and discussed during a reading are kept in strict confidence. E-mail addresses or any information will not be shared with a third party.
  • Those needing sincere legal or financial advice should seek council of a professional who is trained to consult in those areas. Issues dealing with mental illness and or suicide should be immediately directed to a professional.
  • Tarot Cards are a spiritual tool used to help one connect with all aspects of self by shedding light on those areas that may need to be addressed. They should always be used with that understanding.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a reading or question that I find inappropriate and not suited for my services. I will not read for anyone who shows that they are under the influence of any substance which prevents them from being present and coherent during their reading.
New 42 Laws of Maat, Baba Heru, Shrine of Ptah

New 42 Laws of Maat, Baba Heru, Shrine of Ptah