“My reading with Jerome was the first I had ever had, so I went into it not knowing what to expect. Within minutes I had chills - card after card my past was spelled out for me.  I have had a difficult past that not many people know about, but it was as if Jerome was looking into my soul.  The more we continued the more aligned my reading became. Not only did my reading address my past and present struggles, but also what was holding me back from achieving my best self and future happiness.  It  brought me awareness to the interconnections of my past, present and future.  The reading did not “magically” heal me, but it gave me the tools to heal myself and to understand my soul on a deeper level.  It was as if Jerome opened my eyes inward.  Those 30 minutes were life changing and I can’t wait until my next reading!” Courtney Y

“Jerome is a lovely soul-kind, warm hearted and intuitive. His reading is direct, clear and most importantly accurate. I strongly recommend him” Corey C

“I’ve known Jerome for a couple of months now and I must say I trust Jerome and feel 100% comfortable with him reading my tarot cards. There’s something delicate and private about reading someone’s cards, at least that’s how I see it. Jerome has an aura that will make you comfortable and seek truth in what he’s saying. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and without even telling Jerome a single thing, he read it to me in my cards. He will only tell you the truth and not exaggerate the situation to earn him a couple of bucks like others would.  Wonderful experience and a delightful person too!” Karen C

“Reading with Heru Jerome is a completely unique experience. He is a kind, intuitive reader who got directly to the base of what was holding me back in life and areas of concern for the future. I’d highly recommend!” Catherine

“I left my reading at once deeply moved and empowered. Things I’d been mulling over and trying to pick apart for months were illuminated with a depth that surprised even me, the perpetual seeker. But its not Jerome’s ability to get to the heart of matters that is his only gift…” Sadiah

“I selected Jerome to do my tarot reading because I had an strong connection with him.  I knew immediately he was intuitive and spiritual which was important.  His own story is inspirational and provides a lot of meaning into why he reads.  The reading provided both affirmations of my life and my current status as well as much needed guidance.  Jerome is professional who has a very special gift.” Christina C  

I met with Jerome having an open mind to what I might hear.  My reading was split into 3 sections: past present and future.  He brought things from my past to light that I have kept buried in my life.  His reading was insightful and explained how burying those truths were affecting me today and potentially in the future.  Jerome is a positive force and his readings also bring guidance.  He has an honest touch and I would definitely go back as I enter a new chapter in my life.” Cynthia F   

“I am not new to having my cards read and my experience with Jerome was by far the best.  He makes the experience more personal and really tries to connect with you spiritually and emotionally.  He takes the time to also have you connect with the cards so you have a more personal experience as well.  The cards were good to me and definitely touched many areas of my life  that are in need of attention and change.” Zoraida M

“Jerome’s Tarot card reading was unique in that it took us on a journey to a place I wasn’t expecting to go… a place I needed to go. I realized that I have some emotional and intellectual “baggage” I need to un-pack and deal with to help me keep on track to a more unified and peaceful place in my heart and mind. Most notably, a moment at the end of our reading when he commented on my palm (a small but powerful comment) brought into focus the entire message I took from the Tarot reading… Since our reading I have been having some amazing dreams that are specifically related to what came up from the tarot cards, and these dreams are helping me understand my heart much better… and I know now that I made the right decision to marry my partner of almost 18 years this past Wednesday. I highly recommend Jerome to anyone that is open to really finding out what is truly happening at this moment in your life.” James B

“I was able to experience a powerful one on one session with Heru, which I found to be insightful as well as inspiring. He was able to powerfully relay information to me in a way that allowed me to see things from a different perspective, and come into new understandings. He has the ability to tap in deeply and look into the heart of a situation to provide clarity & guidance, in a way that is full of compassion and love. I strongly recommend an experience with this talented spiritual healer.” Ashely D

“Jerome brings peaceful, calming energy.  He is the reader that I went to that uses 3 different decks in his reading.  Our reading was almost like a therapy session where he knew the past issues & hurts holding me back and provided guidance and inspiration to release them, so I can move forward to my ideal future.  In additional to his interpretation to the cards, he also communicated with my spirit guides and they alerted him to the negative energy in my home.  I had felt that there was something not right in my apartment.  I received chills when this information was brought to light!  He was able to provide me with incense to burn, along with a ritual for clearing and blessing my home.  My home now feels more airy and peaceful and I do continue to burn the incense when a little clearing is needed.  Looking forward to my next reading with Jerome! “Joanna C

“My reading with Jerome was excellent.  He was extremely professional and thorough.  Being this was my first reading, I was a bit apprehensive.  Jerome made me feel completely at home and relaxed.  The reading was a testament to the current situation I was going through and really touched on the areas I needed to develop.  I would highly recommend Jerome!” Colleen S

“My first tarot card reading experience with Jerome was delightful. He did a fantastic job explaining the story and meaning behind each card pull. Jerome is extremely knowledgeable, insightful, thorough and develops a strong connection with his clientele” Chris B

“I have had two readings with Jerome and they were life changing. Jerome was able to get to the core of what was holding me back. He was very honest and loving at the same time. His readings are truly helpful and I've been totally focused on the things I need to work on since my experience. He's really great and I highly recommend him to others.” Rachel J

Thank you Heru Jerome for providing me with such a wonderful first reading. You gave me renewed perspective on things within my life and myself- and a renewed sense of power. You have an amazing gift!" LeAndra C

"My very first Tarot Card reading was with Heru Jerome, and it was like a breath of fresh air into my life. Each card he intuitively turned over shed light on different areas I need to focus on, and really helped me to see the big perspective of what life has in store for me - I couldn't be more excited for what the future holds! Thank you Jerome!" Sasha A

"I had a tarot session with Heru Jerome and the whole time we were doing the session i felt held by him, and even afterwards I still felt his support around me.... I was pleasantly surprised by such warmth and love!" Joelle

2017- Feedspot

2017- Feedspot