Tarot Talks Volume VII: An interview with Marcella Kroll, creator of the Sacred Symbols Divination and Meditation Cards

Hi my beautiful souls! The season of Swords and the New Year is starting here in the Tri-State Area. This is the time for stillness as we reflect on what we want to manifest in the spring the time of Aces! Marcella Kroll has created a deck that is magical. The Sacred Symbols Divination and Meditation Cards is a tool for anyone that would like to incorporate the divine principles it covers into their daily practice. It was such an experience getting to know Marcella we are truly kindred spirits from the same tribe. I hope that you enjoy this volume of Tarot Talks!


Marcella Kroll, creator of the Sacred Symbols Divination and Meditation Oracle Cards

Marcella Kroll has created an Oracle deck that is such a unique tool. As Marcella states, “I reawakened my love of iconic symbols… My deck is a combination of the symbols that have been showing up on my path over the years.” This is a deck that was written in the stars, every road that Marcella travelled allowed her to bring this deck to all of you.

Worthy Tarot: Tell me about yourself, where are you from & where are you currently? How have these locations influenced what you do creatively?

MK: Hi! My name is Marcella Kroll. I am an Artist, Tarot + Spirit Counselor, and Lover of Magic. I have been reading tarot for 20 years. I was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence is a Scorpio city and my Saturn line runs right through it. So for you astrology buffs, you can just imagine what that means. New England is rich with history, some good, some not so good. “Witch Burning  Country” is what I call it. It’s an inspiring place that has a deep sense of community and super supportive love of the arts. I’m very fortunate to have grown up and lived a good part of my formative years there. It was a place that I experimented with many things in the occult and allowed to support myself off of my art, a rarity in most cities. A high school dropout, I became a very active employee and resident of a nonprofit arts organization that was centered on helping locals get the support and access to create. It was life changing. 

In 2005 I moved to Brooklyn, NY and began a painful Saturn Return. I worked 2 jobs, and would meet private clients (by referral). After a life changing journey to South America, I came back to the states, and moved to Los Angeles on a whim and $800. There were no plans only a change of scenery was necessary.  In hindsight I can see how the universe made things happen. It was within a year of being here in LA, that I started my work as a Tarot + Spirit Counselor full time.

Marcella Kroll with her cards

Marcella Kroll with her cards

Worthy Tarot: What drew you to Tarot, what aspects of your energy have found their way into your deck? How does this make your deck unique?

MK: When I was 18 years old, I overdosed and went to rehab. That Christmas I was gifted my first Tarot Deck from my step dad’s Mother. The Egyptian Tarot, along with a fascination in Astrology. I reawakened my love of iconic symbols and developed an obsessive need to figure out what made my brain tick and how to be a better person. My deck is a combination of the symbols that have been showing up on my path over the years, and a desire to also teach. Which is what I think makes them unique. They have been created as a tool for divination, but also as a sort of learning flash card set of ancient symbols. 

Worthy Tarot: We are entering an Air Age which is associated with thought. When you examine air it can blow everything around that is not tethered. People are trying to find their footing and light as they enter this age and are drawn to the magic and spirituality of the Tarot. The face of the tarot just like our new age is changing, how do you feel your deck lends to this revolution?

MK: I see my deck as a bridge. It has accessibility to many, which I don’t think you see too often. Whether you have 30 years’ experience in reading Tarot or have never picked up a divination tool in your life, the simplicity is key. It also allows the diviner to create their own connection to it. There is a booklet that has some explanations, but I really encourage people to utilize their intuition. This is how I learned to read Tarot, essentially. This makes reading with the deck your own unique journey. I am able to bridge the old with the new, as each deck is blessed on the New and/or Full Moon before they are sent out. This ensures the decks ability to be utilized to its highest or your highest.

Worthy Tarot: What inspires you and how was that inspiration incorporated into your deck?

MK: Art, music & energy inspire me. Growth inspires me, feeling physically and emotionally moved by connection to Spirit (God/Universe/Source whatever name your resonate with) inspires me. These cards were created, written and brought into being in 40 days because I was truly inspired. I spent 5 years trying to create a traditional deck with no success. These came through when I let go of trying to control the outcome. I call it my guides funny way of getting me to do a 40 day mantra. 

Worthy Tarot: If you could use a film, artists, novels to make your dream Tarot deck what would that be? (I have a couple NeverendingStory Tarot, Pippi Longstocking Tarot, Julie Heffernan Tarot like please now!!!!)

MK: Women who run with the Wolves Oracle. Clash of the Titans Tarot, Lost Boys Tarot, Mad Max Tarot.

Worthy Tarot: Would you ever create another deck, think about this one as I know 78 cards are a huge undertaking!

MK: I definitely want to make another Oracle deck or collaborate with someone on a full 78 card Tarot Deck.

Worthy Tarot: If someone is interested in your deck how would they get a hold of you?

MK: I have links to my Etsy site on my website www.marcellakroll.com or they can email me at bookmarcella@gmail.com. While I still have some copies of it on hand. I’m currently reworking the packaging of the deck. I plan on launching the new edition in October 2015. [This interview was conducted in 2015. A new edition of the deck is now available through Marcella's Etsy shop. - Ed.]