2017 Going Back to 1

By: Heru Jerome


Happy New Year, Happy 2017, Happy 1 Year. 2017 cleans the slate & ushers us into the realm of number 1. What does this mean? Well, when we look at 2017 in terms of numerology 2+0+1+7=10 we look at years in single digits so 1+0 equals…. Wait for it…. #1!!! The last decade has been filled with many life lessons, much change, & a greater sense of self from the lessons & tests that we have all endured. Even those with 3rd eyes that aren’t the most open can notice the spiritual shift that has been occurring over the past few years & sudden change. This trend is only just beginning. The time of 1 is all about change, fresh starts, and the freedom that comes from being who you truly are.

Whenever faced with the word change many of us quiver, change can be a scary concept especially when it is sudden. However, like Benjamin Franklin states, “when you are finished changing, you are finished.” What is not growing is dead, & each year provides the foundation for tremendous growth with the tools that the previous year has granted.

1 Years are like the Fool Card in the Tarot, they are blank slates that are extremely powerful because they have the potential to become anything.

The Fool- Black Power Tarot

They can morph into what influences them, both positive or negative…. Or like most of us a combination of both. Understand that the 1 year grants us access to an entirely different path, and a brand new 9-year cycle of our lives. However, you are not entering this period blindly. You have all of the arsenal behind you that you have learned to wield over the past year, which will help you to enter a period of greater understanding with much more focus & clarity. Open your eyes to the new potential that is constantly developing around all of us. How can that energy be harnessed to be used to our benefit?

One way that we are able to benefit from the newness of any year is to develop firm and realistic goals based on who we are, the lessons that we have learned along the way, & the ability to delve deeply inside to ask your heart what it truly is that you need & want. Do not let others influence those ideas that come to you. This isn’t about resolutions that we will abandon in a month. This is about developing a solid map that is clear in where direction leads. We have to begin to understand as a society that our wants are all different & begin to remove the self-doubt & judgement that can occur when we have aspirations that cause us to reach. Dream big, but dream realistically having the intelligence to see all of the little pieces that need to be sewn together to bring your dreams into fruition.

We all will have growing pains this year because 1 supports it. You may begin to think differently about things that you have been very sure of over the past decade. You may be presented with new opportunities that you did not expect. Most importantly you probably will begin to rid yourself of old systems of thoughts, ways, & people that no longer serve who you are simply because you are becoming your true self. The room that is created from this cleansing leaves room for new energies to come in!

One of the greatest gifts that 2017 will bring us is a defined and realistic sense of self-worth based on all of the tests of the past few years. 1 is the number if individuality, knowing oneself & what one needs to be healthy & productive. All the tests will have something to do with change, individualism, personal leadership & finding true purpose.

Everything in life is frequency, I could write a whole article on this. However, to avoid you reading a dissertation I will explain it like this. Our thoughts carry a frequency; our truth carries a frequency. The lovers, jobs, friends, people, family members, pets that we attract we do so because their frequency corresponds with ours. When we are on a path of ascension & greater understanding our frequency begins to shift. Therefore, those friends, lovers, jobs, family members, pets, habits etc. that no longer coalesce with ours …. REMOVE THEMSELVES FROM US. This is one of the most difficult concepts for myself and many of my clients to truly understand. They enter this spiritual path to find self, put the work in and I get calls saying “Heru my life is falling apart… my relationship isn’t working… I lost my job… distance is growing between me and my friends….” Well most times that is because your frequencies no longer agree and the universe is making space for something new to enter based on your change. Many of us do not look at it this way though & take these shifts as personal failures & blows to the ego. Understand that 2017 may see an end to people & habits that are no longer on your bandwidth. I know this is bittersweet it’s okay to feel that sadness, but not okay to wallow in it because it stunts your spiritual growth.

This is going to sound selfish, but this year is the year of you! When we truly look at it this is probably the most selfless year to date because how can any of us be of value to anyone if we do not value ourselves. The universe will open itself up to acquaint us all with self through showing us the beautiful, the ugly, the terrifying, & the tempting to bring us out on the other side fully understood. Break free from those constrictions that others put on you, rid yourself of those doubts that you place on yourself. Allow a freethinking open energy to come in, allow it to remove judgements of others and of self. Simply put we can’t be good lovers, brothers, sisters, uncles, citizens, artists, or people if we are not first good to ourselves so understand that 2017 is putting that back into practice for all of us.

The beautiful thing is that once we own this, we find more respect from people, less criticism, & the ability to be who we are without the bullshit that comes…. & hey, if it does the way it can affect us shifts because our individual strength is greater. 2017 has much in store, you will find your mind clearer… your purpose will be obvious to you…. those dreams from a couple of years ago will most likely have the fuel to take off. We will all visit new terrain which can be scary, but we will do so with the experience gained from previous mistakes! Hold on, there is much in store!

Heru Jerome

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