8-7-2017 Full Moon in Aquarius | Lunar Eclipse

Today we are reminded that we are inching closer to the Harvest. I hope that all of you are continuing to have a wonderful Summer Season. This truly is an amazing time of year, & is charged with something very special. August 7, 2017 not only marks a Full Moon in our lovely Air Sign of Aquarius but it is also a Lunar Eclipse. So, expect a little bit of Shadow & Light the next couple of weeks, we GOT THIS!!!!

The lunar eclipse, which takes place today is at 15° Aquarius… our lovely Water Bearer. Jupiter square Pluto is directly linked to both the Moon & Sun, so it is related to both sides of who we are our Feminine Side- Moon & our Masculine Side-Sun. You will have a drive this month to find balance in both sides to help achieve a higher sense of self for personal success… Do not let this search get too out of hand, it can have major negative impacts on your behavior & close relationships. Balance in all things!

Our internal dialogues suggest what is best for us, & defines what success looks like. However, how do we get to that success? The frequency of this moon has the potential to make our climb up the ladder a little ruthless! We all have it in us, but it must be tamed. The movements of the Planets are a language that is divine & reveals several messages, so take the time to listen. The Jupiter & Pluto connection this month provides us knowledge on how to avoid these pitfalls this month. They also give use cinematic views into not only the success that we crave, but the happiness that comes when it is achieved in a balanced way.

Lunar Eclipses are learning lessons to shift our focus to our relationships… those deep & those not as much. The Sun opposite Moon will give the emotions that we have the energy to reach their peak during this time. The Sun is the architect & the King of the everyday world, use this energy to take an objective look at all your relationships. Keep in mind that this Moon also sheds light on our feminine aspects so think about how you can better connect with your own personal needs, wishes & intentions. Looking at these helps you to better see the intentions & wishes of others & if those are in conjunction with the balance that is needed to have you at a healthy & peaceful equilibrium.

The moon will have a period where it is not visible, or black. This represents a reset, or recalibration allowing us to examine & reprogram the baggage that has troubled us over the last couple of months.

The August 7th Lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius is taking place in the Constellation of Capricorn, that which heralds all the details of human affairs & can bring great change in our climate. The Jupiter Square Pluto is probably the most important aspect in the chart after the Lunar Eclipse itself. This powerful energy will be felt four days before the eclipse & it remains a major influencer throughout this month. This is where the urge for success comes from this month, you will want it & you will crave it BIG TIME!!!! It may be a personal project, or your career but you will have a firm drive to plant roots & have them create avenues for true success.

Success is not a bad thing depending on how we go about achieving it. Greed & corruption are always met with shitty results so carefully navigate pathways this month & see how your drive to being on top impacts those around you. Move in the true energy of Maat the deity of Balance, keep your heart as light as her feathers & your movements as pure. We all want to win the battle, but sometimes it is necessary to ask oneself at what cost do we win? Lunar eclipses highlight our home-life & personal relationships so challenges most likely will emerge in those areas. But I have faith that we all will keep our Ascension maintained this month with a little divine intervention :)

Maat – Goddess of Balance

Maat – Goddess of Balance

Heru Jerome 8/7/2017