1/10/2017 Full Moon in Cancer

Happy full moon, our first of 2017 and it is in the sign of Cancer! The moon represents our feminine side and intuition… who it is that we really are. In Egypt it is represented by the Cobra that the Pharos wore on their crown. The feminine counterpart to the masculine Sun Side of us represented by the Vulture. This is going to be an interesting moon because it previews what our journey will be over the next year. Of course it will be marked with great twists and turns, but the watery and intuitive energy of Cancer says a lot about the journey that we are all about to embark on.

The feminine or Moon side is where our subconscious lies, and all of the intricacies of who it is that we really are. The Full Moon on 1/10 will call us to step into our truth, & look at it for what it is, in the attempt that we will begin to make the changes that are necessary to move forward. Doing this in a conscious & intelligent way allows us to access the inner power that is inside all of us.

This energy will be intensified due to a Grand Cross formation that will be taking form in the sky the same night as the full moon. This is a square that is formed by at least 4 planets. The January 2017 Full Moon you see the Sun opposite the Moon at right angles to Jupiter opposite Uranus, which creates a push and pull between two different extremes. A Grand Cross makes for energies that are difficult to resolve because each opposition has its own set of energies and extremes to deal with. When paired the oppositions create an eternal struggle. So get prepared for several tests this month.

As you can imagine this is energy that has been building up for some time now & it will become part of bigger events that will play out for us over the next few years. This has great energy & is interesting in 2017, 2016 called for us to make many changes based on all of the processing and downloading we were doing in a 9 year. We did much clearing closed old projects, & made the necessary space to bring things into our existence that were deep within our hearts. The energy that is brewing at the beginning of this month almost allows us to sit back and observe the slow building energy that will be at its height during next month’s eclipse. There is a lot brewing, but it is doing so slowly allowing us to preview exactly how it will take form in our lives.

Be cautious of being impulsive during the time of this moon. The energy of the Grand Cross will cause your emotions to be higher than they normally are. You will be doing a lot of processing of your feelings & I am sure that you will feel those rising to the surface. Allow those to be released in a healthy manner, many of these may not be all personal struggle. Some of what you may feel is probably the result of the energies that are moving in the planets around us. Allow for restorative rest this month, it is important to process everything that is going on in your mind & heart. Also, you don’t always have to move into action with what you are feeling. Especially this month J!

This is a great and interesting start to 2017, a moon in the cardinal sign of Cancer. Like the crab you will want to feel nested in your own energy. However, do not be sensitive to change like crabs are. This is going to be a year where change is all around us. We have to understand what those mean to us, & learn how to incorporate them in our lives. Allow the energy brewing this month to guide you, trust what is in your heart and follow it.

Heru Jerome