1/27/2017 New Moon in Aquarius

Happy New Moon, in our lovely Air Sign Aquarius. Our water bearer who thinks about things so much at times, the feeling of Atlas having the world on his shoulders can become all too familiar. This new moon has Venus squaring Saturn at the forefront. Expect your thoughts to be on Love (Venus) and Financial Matters (Saturn). Light will be shed on the difficulties that improper balance in these areas can have on our minds & hearts.

Imbalance in our Venus and Saturn quadrants can bring much frustration when we are not properly aligned, disciplined, or lack proper communication skills. It is important to realize that these are issues that the best of us struggle with. We must tend to these areas daily to help them to thrive, much like our gardens. We all know that beautiful landscapes do not grow overnight, they are a process. However, with proper pruning, watering & love we can get these areas to bloom. This new moon phase is the final in the current eclipse cycle which began in September 2016. It will bring an irritating feeling in those areas we discussed. The frequencies are there this month, so have extra patience and care in your dealings with people. This feeling is calling you to take action in these areas not weigh you down. Do not get caught up in depression this month, gather yourself to a point where you have crystal clear vision about exactly what your expectations are in these areas and make a real plan about how you can change things for the better.

As you know, New Moons represent a beginning of a new cycle which means an ending of an old one. So get ready for a new 28-day cycle in February. This is the beauty of Tarot & Astrology we use it as a map. You understand that Saturn and Venus will highlight our areas of Love & Financial matters so keep that in the back of your mind when addressing problems that may occur in these areas over the next couple of weeks. Make way for new beginnings during the first two weeks of this moon.

Venus square Saturn is a huge influence over our January new moon. This formation can add stress to our intimate relationships because of the abundance of negative feelings that we may have during this time. Most of this arises from our own internal fears and self-doubts, however they may also emerge from those around you. Feeling lonely & depressed in this frequency is quite common. Also pay very close attention to how you spend your money this month, avoid unnecessary spending as it may bring more stress to what can be a stressful couple of weeks.

Pay attention to that which needs your care, especially the care of your loved ones. You may be feeling low this month, however those close to you will most likely feel the same and need your support. Now is the time to go to action as to avoid negative results. Delve deep into your soul and look at how your personal actions effect you and those around you. Make the necessary changes to institute more caring into your dealings, the challenges of this month if left unattended can lead to breakups, or deep financial troubles.

New Moons are about New Beginnings! Keep that in mind as you maneuver, I know that the tone of the next couple of weeks could be a little sad. However, the moon is simply highlighting the areas that bring struggle so we better deal with them to have an open space in our hearts to bring in a frequency that aligns more with who we truly are & need. Hold those things dear this month that you value deeply, and pace yourself before you react understanding the framework of the next few weeks. We will get through it!

Heru Jerome