2/26/2017 New Moon in Pisces – Solar Eclipse

Happy New Moon, in the lovely water sign of Pisces. It’s like Erykah Badu puts it, “two fish, one swimmin’ up stream… one swimmin’ down livin in a dream.” Pisces have the ability to see things in two directions, they look at both parts of the equation to determine exactly what the sum means. Expect this month to be filled with all sorts of energy, especially since Mars will bump heads with Pluto & Uranus. We will have to exercise the Pisces that is deep within all of us, as well as the ability to see things in their totality.


I relate to Mars in such a profound way, sometimes to my detriment. He rules my sun sign of Aries, and sometimes needs to be trained to cohabitate. Mars always doesn’t have an ear for others opinions, can tend to learn things the hard way, is a warrior most of the time, & generally will do what it wants to do! Currently in Aries, when this sign squares with Pluto there will come the whole push and pull & struggle for Power. Mars has a taste for power, & will do things in a way that only he can. When this planet becomes conjunct with Uranus we find that rebel come into play, fighting back at the systems that can bind us. However, this isn’t always a peaceful dance, it can be disruptive if not channeled properly. We may fight against those things that we feel tie us down with that, “I Don’t Give a Fuck Approach.” This can be charming in books & movies, but in real life not so much!

No one wants to be a rebel without a cause. We have to find those characteristics within ourselves that institute change in a way that eventually brings forth change for the betterment of all. That is how we should approach our day to day in this world. How can our footsteps make since for others that will one day walk where we once did? Especially in today’s highly charged political climate it is so important to channel our energy effectively. Change is brought forth with great thought & strategy, that is what moves people. Rebellion although sometimes needed doesn’t always provide the long-term effects that we would like it to.

We have to understand that not everyone views life in this fashion. The ego can manifest very self-centered feelings that causes one to believe that their needs are greater, & their stories more

important than others. So the rebellion that we see is not always for the benefit of others. Many times it can be oppressive, this New Moon will shed light onto who benefits and who is repressed by this sort of behavior. What is being broken down, and who benefits from its destruction?


Sunday will bring us a Solar eclipse in Pisces, this occurs the same time when Mars will conjunct with Uranus. We all have seen what having a lack of compassion breeds into this world. We are in a time where we can’t be more divided which is very sad, because the issues that divide us are the same issues for us all. Trust me, those in Milwaukee are struggling with the same things those are in Newark NJ. We can’t be more connected now, because we all are hurting about the same things. New Moons are generally a time for new beginnings, but this moon in particular will bring together themes that have haunted us all over the past couple of years. Kindness is such a valuable characteristic to the human experience & it is important that it never leaves us. We have to develop this in a greater since to sustain the world that we live in, & the world that we will one day pass on to others to take care of.

True rebellion & freedom is understanding this concept deep within. The systems that we rebel against most times were truly not set up to allow us to flourish. What generates change is understanding each other, then it spreads! Release yourself from that which binds you to give you the freedom to fly, & once in flight help others to ascend as well. We will continue to be drained by that which keeps us down until we realize that the knowledge that we learn once we get our personal freedom should be shared & not kept for few of us!

Heru Jerome