3/12/2017- Full Moon in Virgo- Storm Moon

So we have a Full Moon in our lovely Earth Sign of Virgo. We have spoken a lot about the situations that our actions can cause these last couple of months. 2017 has presented several opportunities to look at the consequences of our actions and to look at the results that come from our actions and how we can use those to catapult us into areas that are more suited to who we truly are. We all want positive outcomes, however sometimes forget that it is a bumpy road to get us there. The Virgo is the perfectionist; they seek to improve anything that they are involved in. The events that will take place this month are making improvements to get us all closer to who we truly are.


Mars is changing sign, this will steady the up and down that life has been throwing at all of us. We find ourselves looking at those areas of the Suit of Pentacles, those earthly concerns of most Earth signs especially the conservative Virgo. The real world issues that are around all of us are more than apparent. The Virgo energy of this moon helps us to contemplate. We find confirmation of our thoughts presented to us through various signs, and the action oriented energy of a Full Moon in an Earth Sign will cause us to move on our thoughts. This month is a call to action!

The Virgo considers everything, so look at what is currently working and what can use repairs. The soul searching that the Full Moon in Pisces on 2/26 has given us all ample time to look deeply. Now is the time to use that information to make true changes in the ways that we are doing things. We all know that 2017 is a year of 1, meaning that it is a blank slate, a time when the map re-calibrates. We all can go off track, but the universe has a way of putting us back on course. The direction in which we are to go is the one that will be best for who we truly are. Release that which has held you back this month, & do it without regret!

Virgo’s are meticulous in their maneuvers, so make sure that the energy that you exert this month is thought out & planned to be used for the greater good of your overall plan. Virgos need a cause that is worth their effort, make sure the work that you do this month is useful to what it is that you truly want. Also, give thought of what is needed to get you there.

March’s Full Moon is ruled by Mercury and sits in a square with Saturn. Saturn is our stern teacher, so lessons this month will be harsh however useful. Mercury delivers messages, & it is currently sitting in Pisces, so expect to get deliveries of those messages of an emotional nature. Pisces can make the visions that Mercury shows us blurry, so take the time to deeply contemplate on what you are being taught & how that can be applied to your greater good. Remember most Earth Signs have zero patience for bullshit and Virgo is one of them!

Clarity is a blessing & a powerful tool that can be used to hone truth & individual freedom & power. The last couple of months paired with the magic of a 1 year have all worked to make us better versions of who we truly are. We need to walk through life with clear purpose and this Virgo moon is allowing us to do so. Keep in mind that Venus is in the beginning phases of its retrograde, that will definitely play into how things are done this month. Venus is currently in Aries; this isn’t a quiet time. This is that vocal annoying SOB that points out the obvious instead of being silent. The boat will definitely be more than rocked this month, however, this is nothing that we will not be able to maneuver.

Heru Jerome