3/20/2017 | Spring Equinox 6:28am Northern Hemisphere

Spring is finally upon us, the season of new beginnings or the Season of Aces as I like to refer to it. The 2017 vernal or spring (or fall) equinox will come on 3/20 at 10:29 UTC, marking Spring in the north & Fall for the south. This is my favorite time of year because being the Cardinal Sign of Aries I start the Spring! Spring is so much like the Fool Card in the Tarot, a clean slate, that has the potential to develop into anything. So, this is a wonderful time to give birth to new ideas. I like to explain it to people this way:

In the Tarot the Winter time is represented by the Suit of Swords. This suit is aligned to the element of Air, & air deals with how we think about things. Therefore, the winter season presents the time for us to delve deeply into our thoughts, it is a time for stillness. All of the seasons create a wonderful platform for us to manifest. This is the most natural magic that we all have access to. We are ushered from the Winter season into the Spring (here in the North), so those seeds that are created in the Winter serve us well when we can start to plant them in the Spring where they will take bloom.

We should approach each season understanding this concept:

Spring: Season of Aces, Time of New Beginnings, Ideas Root & Bloom

Summer: Season of Wands, Time of the Alchemist, Energy Brewing, Ideas are Given Energy & Power to Come to Fruition

Fall: Season of Pentacles, Time of the Harvest, Provides the Foundation & Requires Discipline to Prune & Tend to Ideas to Cultivate Them

Winter: Season of Swords, Time of Stillness, Deep Reflection to be Grateful for Harvest, Time to Hone Ideas for Spring

Approaching each season with this understanding helps us to properly align ourselves to take full advantage & manifest what is in our wildest dreams. This also helps us to better navigate when we are hit with roadblocks. Those ideas that we plant in the Spring are given energy to grow in the Summer which is the Season of Wands. They are brought to action by the alchemy of the Summer & harvested during the Fall which is the Season of Pentacles. We then have the beauty of the holidays in the winter that allow us to meditate & give thanks for those things that we have harvested to again usher us into the Season of Swords, Winter Time, or the Season of Stillness….

The Spring Equinox symbolizes new beginnings across most cultures, we have put tremendous significance on these traditions. The Catholic tradition honors the time of Lent which is a time for self-reflection, through personal sacrifices one honors and appreciates the blessings that are presented during the Spring time or Easter which is all about Christ’s resurrection from the dead. This can also be seen as a transformation or new beginning which has been represented in our culture for centuries. Esotre or the Goddess of the Dawn is also a representation of the concept of starting over or new beginnings. Just like the first appearance of light in the sky Esotre represents that new light & ability to start over. These are not the only cultures that embrace this concept, the Spring Equinox marks the start of the Iranian New Year. It also is Vernal Equinox Day in Japan & Chunfen in China, which bears significance to farming traditions. We also start to see many images of those cute Easter Bunnies, which is a timeless image that carries the symbol of life the Egg.


Equinoxes are so special because they happen twice a year & take place when the hours of day & night are equal. My clients are very familiar with the concept of MAAT which teaches us balance in our light and shadow sides. It is important to remember that both of these aspects are very important to who we are. The duality of today’s equinox reminds us of how light and dark sides are equal, & it is important to have them balanced. Take time to examine your light & shadow sides during this time. What are those things that you proudly show in the light, & what aspects of who you are lay dormant in your shadow side? Life is a delicate dance; it is like walking a tight rope you want to use that pole to keep yourself steady. It is not always natural to be righteous or to stay in the light, just as it is unnatural to constantly be depressed or in a shadow state. Both are necessary to who we are, but none should take over. This week is a great time to celebrate your duality.

The energy of Aries helps us to think about what is next! So you will naturally be thinking about what the next thing is for you. Remember the natural balance of all of the seasons, & look back to the reflection that you have done this Winter. It will allow you to have a sense of direction for where you want your ideas to grow & thrive. Regardless if you are in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres the energy of Aries will generate a natural power, when properly balanced will help you to open true doors that will lead you well into the fall.

Alice Neel, Lilacs

Put pen to paper this week, write down where you would like to see yourself go this Spring. Understand both the positive and negative aspects of what will get you there, & allow yourself the time to reflect on how the past year has helped you to grow. 2017 is all about newness rooted in effective strategy, how can this be applied to make major change in your life? This is a great week to conduct this personal exercise in order to see a clearer direction over the next few months.

Honor the growth that has happened in your life this year. However, understand the pain that was necessary to learn the lessons that allowed you to get here. The Spring Equinox is a magical time, flowers bud and so does our sense of who we are. Keep close to the lessons of past seasons, but also allow yourself to be open to the amazing changes that are to come!

Heru Jerome 3/20/2017