3/27/2017- New Moon in Aries

We have a New Moon in the amazing Cardinal sign of Aries! Sorry if I show a little favoritism, this is my sign & I am so much an Aries. The fiery, will be seen, fast moving warrior energy is something that I am very aware of. It is important though to learn how to tame those fires as not to burn others, but we all know a little burn is needed once in a while. This New Moon is aligned to the Spring, Season of Aces, & is associated with an energy that is capable of bringing forth exciting new things. Just like the flowers that come from the ground & bend their way towards the sun’s rays, the energy of this moon provides us the sunshine to help our new endeavors grow. Bravery is a concept that is not foreign to most Aries, allow yourself to tap into that energy this month regardless of your sign. The flip side to this attitude is also the me first, selfish mentality that is something that most fire signs struggle with. These behaviors will most likely be highlighted in yourselves and those around you this month. This moon is charged with energy to give you drive & focus, all of us should take full advantage.

One of the major aspects of this New Moon is Aries conjunction to retrograde Venus. Venus, being a sign of balance & harmony struggles with the power hungry energy of the Aries. So expect a push & pull this month concerning these areas. When Venus enters Aries, the “I Love You” energy can easily shift to “I Love Me.” So, this moon is suggesting to turn your attention inwards to have love for self. Bring this energy with you into your new projects & endeavors, they will not be successful without a deep understanding & connection to your personal needs. Reassess those values that are at your core, & be honest with yourself to see if those are in place in your life. We have the time to better understand in our minds eyes exactly who we are & what is needed to sustain us personally. This will help us not only to define our goals more clearly, but to realize them in our actual day to day.

The Aries energy is heightened this month; we have five planets in this sign as well as Mars. Mars is strongly supported by its proximity to Pluto, which can make matters spin out of control in an atmosphere that is charged with energy that is so much related to personal power. The Mars, Saturn, proximity this month allows Saturn to come in allowing Mars to proceed with caution. Meaning, Saturn provides the discipline for Mars to channel its power responsibly. We can also tap into this wisdom, using caution & strategic planning to carefully channel our energy to make our endeavors successful. You will be aware of any impulsiveness, a lot of that stems from internal frustration.

There is also a T-Square which brings Jupiter, Uranus & Pluto together. We find this providing the platform for new ideas that burn bright. This is the time to create something meaningful of substance that is aligned to your personal truth, freedom & power. This clarity will allow you to understand which ideas are worth your time & investment.

Pay attention to how you come across to others this month. There is great energy brewing & it is important that it is used responsibly. This is going to require us to be flexible, although the “me, me, me” mentality can be fun to talk about it is not always fun to be on the other side of it. You have to be able to balance that out, as to not be selfish. You should have in your heart & minds eyes what will serve you best, however it is a delicate dance when going about how you will convey that to others. This is a great time, take full advantage, enjoy the Spring!

Heru Jerome 3/24/2017