4/11/2017- Full Moon in Libra (Wind Moon)

Libra Moon-

  •       Cooperation
  •       Compromise
  •       Social Activities
  •       Balance
  •       Friendship
  •       Partnership

We have a Full Moon in our lovely Air sign of Libra, the sign that considers balance to be an integral part of navigating anything. As you know the element of Air deals with thoughts, expect this moon to bring clear thought in regards to how aligning the heart & mind better allows us to navigate self along with the needs of others. This is a very delicate dance, one that this moon is attempting to help us to master.

We have witnessed several cosmic events this year that are impacting all of us on a global karmic level. Just like the individual has its own karma that determines how we make moves, so does our world collectively. We witness this month the continued struggles that come from an ongoing Grand Square in the Cardinal Signs (Libra, Aries, Cancer & Capricorn). What does this mean to us? Well, just like those Cardinal signs usher us into our 4 seasons, this Grand Square will usher us into an area that allows us to learn from big life lessons. This can be a stressful time, however many of us will leap during this time because we are at the edge of the precipice. This isn’t always as terrifying as it sounds. Change will occur regardless however, the universe is giving us all that extra push this month. Access this power this month; it helps one to look at stress in a different way through seeing how it can bring forth positive change. Optimism is one of the most powerful weapons!  

The Libra Full Moon is aligned to Jupiter, keep in mind that the moon is our feminine side & represents our subconscious & yin. These aspects are expanded during this time as support from Jupiter continues. Air signs are all about our headspace & how one thinks about things. Your mind will definitely try to conceptualize how things are effecting your overall well-being. Keep in mind that air blows around everything that is not tethered, do not allow your peace to be blown away in what many can consider temporary chaos. Allow yourself to access wisdom & see how you can use the energies of the month to promote clearer thinking. The thoughts that we will have are developing so we can bring them into action with the learning lessons of a Full Moon in a Cardinal sign. Use this light to guide you this month, that should bring much needed comfort & momentum.

“I see those trees, they bend in the wind, I feel that they have a lot more sense than me…” Kate Bush Rubberband Man

Full moons in Air signs teach us the ability to be flexible & adaptable. They help us to gain better perspective for ourselves & those around us through the clarity of balance. Keep in mind that the Sun & Moon enter a collective balance themselves this month. They will align with the on-going T-Square of Jupiter opposing Uranus with Pluto. This is tremendous energy from many different sources. You can see supported by the energies that are manifesting around us that we are close to major change not just on individual levels but on a huge global level. It is important to set intentions & remain grounded during times like these. I can’t tell anyone what to believe in or do, however it is important to connect with things on a more spiritual level during times like this. This gives one greater perspective & allows one to not only see but to truly understand things on a more collective level. We are all on the same journey, we just all have radically different ways that we will end up there. We are all in this together, change is near & it will be big!

The obstacles that have stood in the way of your spiritual, creative & mental freedoms will become apparent this month. We are in an Air sign so naturally you will want to think about these things, however it is important to see how you will bring change into practice that is practical for your spiritual self. This is why it is so important to be connected to a spiritual source that is greater than the individual, because it makes it easier to navigate this energy & wield powerful change. An awakening is happening for all of us, just anticipate what you will do once woken! STAY UP!!!!!!

Heru Jerome 4/11/2017