4/20/2017- Pluto Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde 4-20-17 8:49am – Direct 9-28-17 3:36pm

Pluto retrograde will begin 4-20-17 at 8:49am ET at 19° Capricorn and ends on 9-28-17 at 3:36pm ET at 16° Capricorn. There will be opportunity for much progress, however there will also be many obstacles that test that progress. Jupiter’s involvement in this retrograde suggests that many problems that will arise will deal with greed, excess, our beliefs, our faith in them, & our personal & spiritual ideologies.

Pluto Retrogrades are very common in most all of our natal charts, about half of us have it in retrograde in our birth charts so generally there is less fear associated with it being in retrograde then say one of our inner planets. However, this still does have influence over us & repercussions so we are not out of the clear just yet!

All of us have the fear of letting go, even when it claws at us. Some of us struggle with this issue more than others. Pluto retrograde in one’s natal chart can make this fear of moving forward all too familiar! Retrogrades make it difficult for us to access energy that is most often abundant to us. So, expect this retrograde to bring with it the difficulties of bringing those intense needs to the surface that require your immediate attention. Especially in the areas of letting go & moving forward. You may have difficulties accessing your personal power at this time & expressing it.

Understand that our past life experiences can manifest fear in us that is very real. Most often this is from dealing with old issues of past karmic lessons. The fear of being controlled & the balance with taking control most often can deal with these past life traumas. The side that you fall on concerning this balance of power will be revealed through aspects of Pluto & fixed star conjunctions. These struggles spill over to many areas including fear of poverty, death, manipulation, & betrayal to name a few; these can make us extremely intense on the inside & difficult to be around.

Pluto retrogrades help to bring these fears to the surface through bringing fated events to us via our real world tests. These themes will continue to repeat themselves until you learn how to calm the beast that is within through learning how to properly wield inner power & intensity.

Pluto retrogrades occur often, typically they lasts for five months yearly, during Pluto’s opposition to the sun. It causes much less concern then the rarer retrogrades of our inner planets. Use this time as one to reflect about the proper use or misuse of power & control in your life. Look to those people in your circle who abuse their power using it to control, now is the time to remove those energies. If you have abused your power & have tried to control others in an unhealthy way, now is the time to change those behaviors. If you are too controlling in your relationships now is the time to reevaluate, smothering doesn’t always quantify love!

This is also a strong time for the Devil Card in the Tarot to take reign. Watch out for those habits that prevent your personal freedoms… What tethers you & prevents you from vibrating at your most high? Are issues such as laziness, overspending, not saving, overly sexual behaviors, gambling, racism, abuse of porn are they holding you back? Remember there is balance in everything, truly look at how these issues take a toll in your life!

Keep in mind that the presence of Jupiter in this retrograde means that opportunities for success will be presented to us. However, there will be many tests for us to comfortably get there. There is energy that is destructive and it hinders the transformation that is needed in us to move to our next steps. This retrograde will put that in our faces in order for us to find personal solutions to help us to succeed.

Events to Note:

Saturn Trine Uranus- use this time as an ideal one to make positive change that will bring realistic transition.

Jupiter Square Pluto- this is all about success, you will want to succeed and I mean big time. Watch out for the excessive pride that can come from our success in areas and how that is shown to others. Misuse of this can create big enemies that none of us want during this time.

This will be a great time filled with many lessons, just have to keep our eyes open to properly navigate.


Heru Jerome 4/17/2017