4/26/2017- New Moon in Taurus

I hope that all of you are having a wonderful April, our month is ending but let that bring excitement, there are great things in store! Today is a New Moon in our lovely Earth Sign of Taurus. This is probably this sign out of all in the zodiac that gives me the most trouble as an Aries but that is a personal problem, lol. The Taurus is like fertilizer their ability to remain grounded & focused with where they will assert their energy to help their ideas flourish is a gift. The ability that allows the Taurus to put on blinders & focus, gives their dreams & wishes the proper nourishment to grow & prosper. However, those same blinders can sometimes hinder them from seeing the panoramic view that is life. This moon ushers us into balancing those tools within ourselves regardless of where we fall within the zodiac.

We have had many things thrown at us the past couple of weeks that have truly opened our eyes. One of them has been the Mercury Retrograde which I am sure will bring smiles to all of us once it ends. However, with a week of heightened intuition concerning those steps that need to be taken to get us to our hearts desires we are presented with a New Moon in a sign that has realism at its core! The lessons of this New Moon come to us in a week that is clear of other influences to allow us to truly get to the heart of what we will be taught over the next couple of weeks.  

Although the Taurus is rooted and grounded to the lessons that earthly matters involve, its “Fixed Earth” orientation, can make them overindulgent, stubborn & stagnant. Truly walk with balance this month, & put clear view to how being too caught up in these tendencies can have negative effects for us this month. Being able to assert your energy to truly move to bringing ideas to fruition is an asset that is helpful to everyone. However, it must be trained as to not negatively influence other aspects of our lives. Do not allow those blinders to stop you from seeing things in your range that need your attention & energy as well! We will see significant change in the next coming weeks concerning those issues that the Mercury, Venus & Pluto retrogrades have presented us.

One of the things that can give us a release is that Mercury will come out of retrograde during the window of this New Moon. Mercury will begin moving forward again on 5/3 – 5/4, so many of the lessons that it has presented to us over the past couple of weeks will start to make sense for us. This month is rooted in the practicality of the Taurus, so expect the observations that we make to be done through a lens of sensibility. Venus finished it’s retrograde on 4/15 however it’s slow movement can still challenge us in the areas of relationships, personal values, friendships. Those insights of the Taurus will cause us to look clearly at how these things are impacting our grounding & everything associated with being grounded (money, health, living space, etc.).

This is a great time to set realistic intentions. There are many frequencies in our planets that are supporting positive change. How can the practicality & determination of the Taurus help you this month & how can they hold you back? Reflect honestly tonight with those ideas at the forefront of your mind. 2017 is an amazing month for all of us because it is a 1 month (2+1+7= 10 | 1+0= 1), so understand that change will occur regardless it is knitted within the fabric of this year. We just need to be strategic!

Heru Jerome 4/26/2017