5/10/2017- Full Moon in Scorpio (Flower Moon)

Spring is in full swing, so are the showers that promise to bring us all those pretty flowers. This has been an interesting couple of months, the universe has bent itself in so many ways to make lessons apparent to us. However, Pluto’s placement this month allows for positive transformation for all of us. Many people will look at this as luck, call it what you will but this energy is at our fingertips for us to use to our advantage. Use the energy of this month wisely, how can it be applied to your current situation to make the direction in which you are moving clearer?

Scorpio energy promotes genuine transformation by allowing us to reach a clearer since of who we are. Also, it sheds light to those corners that we would like to remain dark. However, proper balance of our shadow & light sides promotes a stronger intuition & sense of self. There is always a flip side of energy such as this, as powerfully healthy Scorpio energy can be… If not wielded properly it can also vibrate at an intense & very low vibration. Therefore, it is important to look at this sort of situation honestly. How can it be developed to find personal power & freedom? The events this month will solve to answer this question for all of us.

The past couple of months have been filled with lessons that are very deep rooted. They have promoted learning that we will carry through lifetimes. May is going to be a turning point for many of us. We will quickly move from the difficulties of the past few months with a greater sense of understanding. However, we are to do so with the lessons from the past couple of weeks. So now is the time to do some soul searching to see how you can effectively wield that change in your life. This way we do not look at certain opportunity as just luck, but as a solid chance to claim positive change. Mercury & Venus will start to speed up, which have both been retrograde. This movement will leave lingering effects way after the ending of this moon. We all will feel like the road which we are travelling on is much clearer.

Change is always an uneasy feeling, & great change is ahead. I know that there has been a weird energy in the atmosphere the past couple of weeks. Trust me, I have felt this as well. It is just our internal compasses telling us that major change is on the way. However, this doesn’t have to be met with a sense of anxiety. I began 2017 telling all of you that this is a 1 year, which is ruled by the Fool Card in the Tarot System. This is all about change, a clean slate that will change based on its influences. There is change in the cards for all of us as we enter the Summer, however it will be exciting and much needed to get us to our next phase!

We have been prepared fully through retrogrades and systematic full & new moons to allow us to understand our higher purpose. There is true meaning to why each & every one of us have incarnated here. Sometimes the minutia of the everyday can sometimes make seeing that purpose hazy. Every lesson serves to allow us to mature & handle what life throws at us with a little more grace. Keep your eyes open, we are almost there!

Heru Jerome 5/9/2017