10/5/2017 Full Moon in Aries | Blood Moon – Harvest Moon

Fall is here, the leaves are changing, the air is crisp, what a welcomed change! October is one of my favorite months, most of the time the weather is perfect & then there is Halloween which feeds my internal child. Not only is October upon us, but so is the Harvest Moon which is in the lovely Fire Sign of Aries (Be warned if I am biased, this is my sign!!!).


Tomorrow’s Full Moon will take place tomorrow at 2:41pm ET, and is named the Harvest Moon due to its proximity to the Fall Equinox. This occurs in October this month, but most often occurs in September. So, what does this moon have in store for us? The Full Moon this week will square Pluto, which has now stationed direct but we will still feel our attention focused towards matters that are currently on our minds. Fall is all about the Harvest, utilize the energy of this month to harvest the wealth that comes from successfully letting go of anything that currently has you stagnant. This release allows one to enter a period of true regeneration.


The coming together of Venus & Mars on the same day of the Full Moon makes room for some interesting energy. Venus will promote an erotic energy & Mars will herald a period of creative energy. Venus amplifies, & Mars being the warrior wants what it wants. Paired together in Virgo, this passion is put to great use. You will see your tasks tackled this month, so use this energy to give true strength. The frequency of this month is trying to set us up for accomplishment, however both planets are close to squaring Saturn so expect those accomplishments to be tested.


Mercury will have a conjunction with the Sun this month. This will place Mercury in a cycle where it will be further from Earth than normal. This allows us to have a full panoramic view of the intricacies of things that we may normally miss. The space that Mercury has this month gives it room to gather a greater perspective, use that to your full advantage. Remember that Mercury is our messenger, keep your eyes peeled for those messages that come that may have true remedies to things that have been worrisome the past couple of weeks.


Aries as you know have a flare for drama, (uugh tell me about it!). So, expect this week to have its dramatic peaks and lows. However, drama doesn’t always equate bad news. Sometimes, we get right to the heart of our goals in a more dramatic fashion than normal…. But when we move this way we damn sure won’t be bored. There will be a lot of light shed on personal changes that we are trying to put in place. The spotlight is on us, who we are professionally & personally… Aries energy is great at highlighting these things, so use it to your advantage. Use the boost in attention to help to elevate you & keep your ascension maintained.


Heru Jerome 10/4/2017