9-20-2017 New Moon in Virgo

We are just steps away from The Season of Pentacles, The Fall, The Harvest J. The nature of the summer time is to get alchemy brewing, the energy of the Suit of Wands is there to aid us in manifesting our wildest dreams. However, from Summer we are ushered into Fall & given the opportunity to “Harvest” all those things that we manifested during the summer months. The fall is time to put our feet in the soil & get to work with what we want to get accomplished. We are reminded of this constantly, however this week puts a spotlight on these issues with our New Moon in the lovely Earth Sign of Virgo.


The nature of the Virgo is to carefully & meticulously put all energies into categories in order to better decipher them. The Virgo wants to organize, define, & categorize… in order to build a bridge to greater understanding. This is a sign that is not afraid of learning & understands learning new things is what makes life interesting. This may mean having patience at one’s helm, in order to maintain the energy to stick with something through its entire process. This can be painstaking, but Mother Nature reminds us of this in the Fall Season. The changes that are around us are cycles ending to birth new beginnings.


Virgo’s love the idea of perfection, & will work tirelessly to achieve the archetype of what they consider to be perfect. They will work very hard, often non-stop with the satisfaction of getting everything accomplished as they envision in their minds eyes. However, deep in their hearts they understand that the perfection that they are trying to manifest is unrealistic. But, the pleasure that is given for an unrealistic cause can often switch focus & serve as a distraction. Ask yourself this month, are you setting standards that are realistic, for yourself or others? The energy of this moon will shed light on those issues that all of us have.  


The new moon in Virgo is joined by Mercury, Venus & Mars….. So, the areas that this moon will target are very specific. Would the perfection seeking Virgo have it any other way? Mercury finds itself in direct opposition to Neptune right at the beginning of this moon. This is incredibly close to where Mercury stationed retrograde. However, now direct, Mercury will complete this opposition while it is direct. Mercury isn’t the most reliable when influenced by Neptune in this way. Neptune tends to blur the lines, especially when specifics are concerned. It is great to have your head in the clouds when balanced, because you can bring yourself back to grounding when needed. Use the magic of this connection not as something that will deter you, but aid in your efforts.


Mercury & Mars oppositions this month will remind us of our vulnerabilities. Sometimes we must allow ourselves to reexplore the rudiments of a situation to get back to the basics of understanding exactly what it is. We will take a very brick & mortar approach to how we develop plans to tackle our issues. The answers to success, may be a lot simpler then we allow ourselves to see. Allow the energies of the New Moon to allow you to get back to a strategy that simply leads you where you need to go. What is the real reason that you have your heart’s desires in the first place, & how can that motivate you to keep going? Like the Harvest we must work, but if we move with the energy of this month we have the capacity to make true change.


Heru Jerome 9/19/2017