5/25/2017- New Moon in Gemini

Happy New Moon in our lovely Air Sign of Gemini. That sign which causes us to look at things from both perspectives. It is important to look at life from every angle possible, sometimes the answers aren’t always clear. Having the ability to look at the picture from every direction possible helps us to develop wisdom that is invaluable. Don’t always take things at face value, investigate until you can gather the truth. The energies of this moon will allow us all to exercise these abilities.

Venus squares Pluto on Thursday, the day of our New Moon. Venus is a planet that is associated with love in all its forms as well as the harmony that comes from channeling that energy. So, when the planet that is responsible for love & beauty finds itself in a tense square with Pluto, a planet that is associated with transformation (sometimes painfully). This pairing will give us a clear look into the pain that can severely damage if left unhealed. You will find very deep feelings arise within you during this time, these are feelings that may have not been apparent until now however they are coming to the surface so they can be manifested through strength. Like it says in the Neverending Story, “it has to hurt for it to heal.”

Venus is currently ruled by Mars, so we will find tough times as Mars opposes Saturn late Sunday night. Saturn’s lessons are needed, but can be harsh in their approach. These are two of the planets that can cause great moments of pain, however they can also cause extreme moments of ecstasy if the lessons that they teach are approached with an open mind & heart. They oppose each other in every since with Mars having the energy of the Suit of Wands encouraging us to go, & Saturn being slightly more cautious asking us to stay. Like the Gemini look to the duality of this lesson, how is it double sided & how can we learn to take a two-toned approach to how we handle matters in our lives?

We have a very strong lesson of determination presented to us this month, through realizing that sometimes it requires us to truly look at every angle of a situation to conquer it. It takes emotional maturity & intelligence; however, it is a skill that if properly developed has long lasting effects.

Take a moment on Thursday night to reflect on the duality in every situation. We can’t always take things at face value, & sometimes must use all our intelligence to get to the bottom of things. What is worth having, is truly worth fighting for.

Heru Jerome 5/23/2017