6-9-2017- Full Moon in Sagittarius “Strong Sun Moon”

  •   Color- Rose
  •   Friday- Influenced by Venus – love, friendship, reconciliation, beauty
  •   Sagittarius- Element fire, encourages self-confidence, expansive imagination, hopeful outlook, expansion & growth

Happy Full Moon in our lovely Fire Sign of Sagittarius. That sign which has self-confidence at its core as well as an optimistic outlook. The Sagittarius can point their arrow right toward their goals, & they always have impeccable aim! That fearlessness, as well as their sometimes-quiet fierceness (they are not as showy as the other signs in their element, Leo & Aries) serves them well. The moon is aligned this month in this sign to give us all access to this energy. Use it to point your arrows straight to where you want to go!

Venus & Mercury both returned to the signs that they rule on Tuesday, this is great news for all of us. Venus & Mercury open the doors to all of us for manifestation, especially when in their ruling signs. Planets being in their own sign & direct allows energy to flow in a very clear direction. The ease for the strengths of these planets to shine their light on us, helping is to navigate dark terrain is all around us.

We must enjoy what we do, to do it effectively. Venus in Taurus emphasizes how enjoyment in what we do gives us the energy to not only continue that path, but, also to do so with success. Venus is all about love, friendship & beauty. The Taurus, ruled by the Earthly Suit of Pentacles deals with those matters that are important to help us to remain grounded. Those things that at times can frankly feel like chores. However, the loving energy of Venus paired with Taurus grants us the amazing gift of seeing exactly where our path is leading & we will have fun while we navigate this path! Expect this energy to not only impact you, it will also have lovely implications for those around you. We can expect this to linger until Independence Day, 7/4.

Mercury will be in Gemini, its own sign until 6/21. This is going to be a little tough I’m being honest! It will be travelling close to the Sun during this time. Mercury is our ruler of communication, & remember that the Sun represents the physical world. So, do not let the quickness of the Sun’s proximity impact how you communicate with others. There will be a natural energy in the air that makes being quick, snappy & rash easy for all of us. Do not let this have a negative impact on those around you, & if you happen to get caught up in this be patient with yourself… it is natural with where the planets currently are. Mercury will end up in a heated opposition with Saturn, this means that those big ideas will require even bigger effort. Understand that those Wings of Mercury are magical, so is their charm & gift of gab. This energy will serve you well this month, use it wisely!

Friday’s Full Moon will be a powerful one, it peaks as its ruler Jupiter changes direction. Jupiter is the ruler of expansion. When planets change direction, it is very powerful because their effects can be felt on a grand scale. Friday’s Full Moon also sees most of its rulers being direct, which means we will all be soaring! Saturn plays a big part in the frequency of this month, the moon will be sitting a couple of degrees from Saturn. This is the last full moon in Sagittarius that Saturn will be present for the next few decades. What have you been able to become a master at the past couple of years, and how has that given you the confidence to point your arrow straight in the direction of your dreams?

Heru Jerome 5/23/2017