6-23-2017 New Moon in Cancer

Happy Summer Solstice, here in the Northern Hemisphere & Happy New Moon in our lovely water sign of Cancer. Summer is officially here! So are the beaches, bbq’s, fireworks, late night walks, & a lot of sweat. However, keep in mind that the Summer is the Season of Alchemy. The air is charged with energy that is trying to bring things together. We are ushered from the Summer into the Harvest or Fall. So, set yourself up to have a successful harvest this fall, balance that fun with the shit that needs to get done!

This week is going to bring our attention to the Cancer & their energy. The Sun (Action- Real World – Architect), Mercury (Messenger – Giver – Wordsmith), & New Moon will all join Mars (Warrior- Alchemist – Leader) in Cancer. Cancer is a water sign that deals with all the realms of emotions & its many layers. The Crab likes to feel nested & comfortable. It’s claws allow it to fight for that cause. Cancers are very comfortable in the realms of what is needed to make one feel grounded or at home. You know the feeling of that blanket that you have had forever that just makes you feel nested, the smell of it, the fabric rubbing against you, the experience…. Well that feeling makes Cancers feel complete. This month will arise many memories in us of events, people, feelings that all are seeking that nested feeling from deep within. What sustenance is needed this month to make you feel at home?

Nun is the God of the cosmic waters of the subconscious in Egypt. The subconscious is vast because it contains all the threads that are knitted together through lifetimes to get us to where we currently are. Don’t let that concept go over your head, it shouldn’t! Time is not a linear thing; in fact, it is circular always coming back to the source…. We are all combinations of past karma, current karma, & future because we are all in circular time. Cancers have natural access to the understanding of this circular nature, the waters of Nun, & all the issues… happiness…. greatness…. or sadness that can reside in the subconscious. Cancers understand how everything ties itself together to get us to where we are in the present.

Nun, Ancient Egypt

Nun, Ancient Egypt

After the Sun enters Cancer so will Mercury. There is an aspect that is occurring this month that is a powerful point in the zodiac. There will be a superior conjunction when the Sun & Mercury come together, this is called cazimi, “in the heart of.” So we will be getting to the heart of the emotional experience & the center of that which may need help in order to bring our past… present… & future selves to the present in full form & strength. Mercury is the messenger so listen to those messages that the stars are bringing us this month. This brings a great wisdom that will carry us through the rest of the year.

The Summer is such a great time to connect with nature and give respect to it. Go to your favorite park at night and look at the stars and use that time to reflect exactly where you are trying to get in the Season of Wands & what emotional traumas from the past are currently leaving your crippled. I love the beach, as well as that feeling of the sand between my toes…. The vastness of the ocean reminds us of the vastness of life as well as it’s twists & turns. Take a moment this month & give notice.

Heru Jerome 6/22/2017