7/9/2017- Full Moon in Capricorn (Blessing Moon)


Sunday 7/9/2017 marks a Full Moon in our lovely Earth Sign of Capricorn. That element which is bound to Earth but has water tendencies, notice the Capricorn has a fish’s tail! Brace yourselves this will be an intense one. The Moon & Pluto which will be opposing the Sun & Mars creates a very charged energy. We will all feel it, & will all not be able to avoid it. However, we can control how it will impact us. So, what quadrant of our lives will this effect? Well, that Water nature of the Earthly bound Capricorn will shed light in the areas of our relationships. So, understand that the next couple of weeks will be charged, & allow yourself to proceed with caution.

There is a very intense charged energy associated with the frequency of this month’s full moon. It can create very clear channels that promote the worse of negative energy, outbursts, curse-outs, violence, self-hatred, anger….. But we all know that life is a balanced equation, so on the other side of this is room for peace & resolution, & the lessons learned from it. How can you keep your emotions in check & cultivate your personal relationships this month?

The Sun’s opposition to the Moon will highlight subharmonic frequencies in your current situation. How are you at work vs. home, how does your ego communicate to your colleagues, is it at bay? What inner tension presents itself in your everyday language & approach, & how can this be tamed so it can be met with grace?

This moon is at 17°09′ Capricorn & is one degree from Pluto. Pluto, like Pele, destroys in order to renew. The Moon’s conjunction with Pluto will bring very deep & intense emotions to the surface that can have the tendency to overwhelm. However, having a grip on where the frequencies are leading this month allows us to understand where these emotions are coming from & helps us to put them into perspective. Be careful to not let these manifest in your dealings with other people, in the form of jealousy, arguments, manipulation & just an overall nasty disposition. It’s like Ani Difranco says, “maybe you don’t like your job, maybe you didn’t get enough sleep…. Well nobody likes their job, nobody got enough sleep.” Our stories are not always unique we all can have the same gripes, so be patient in your dealings with other people. 

Pele, Goddess of Fire

Pele, Goddess of Fire

Sun opposite Moon makes the Moon, Pluto alignment even more charged because it creates tension in our relationships. The Sun opposite Pluto brings crisis in the form of our self-esteem and how we see ourselves in this world. We may realize certain deficiencies which can bring self-criticism & depression but you must use this negative energy to bring you to a more balanced energy of peace. Mars being opposite to Pluto lights that fire to achieve your deepest desires and that is the whole key to this moon. Use the negativity to get you closer to your light & truth. “Straight talk makes for Straight understanding” be honest with yourself what shit do you need to be straight with yourself in order to move it out of the way & get you to a better equilibrium?

You will be moody & short tempered this month, but be patient with yourself & others. Without darkness & shadow we can’t appreciate the light that comes after. Hold on tight, light is near!

Heru Jerome 4/7/2017