12/21/2018 – Raising of the Djed



The Djed is the Kemetic symbol of our human stability, cosmic stability, mental stability, and the stability of the Earth that we live on. The Djed is the cosmic axis, the column of light, its frequency links Earth to the heavens. Raising the Djed is also to erect the backbone of Ausar (Osiris), who heralds the energy of resurrection. The Djed supports the continuity of the 4 seasons, the cycles of nature that are important to our personal and spiritual development. The Djed also is the backbone of our ascension and resurrection as we journey this realm to connect our higher and lower selves.

Ausar (Osiris)

Ausar (Osiris)

In traditional times the Djed was raised in crucial moments between cycles, its presence evokes light and banishes chaos and darkness. These periods of darkness were the Winter solstices, the years of a failing Monarch and the coronation of a new leader. The Djed’s erection symbolized the ending of one world age, and the start of another.



To have harmony we must have the balance of MAAT. Balancing the frequencies of Nut (Cosmos) (harmony, order, unity) with the lower frequencies of GEB (Earth Bound) (chaos, entropy, confusion, unknown) is the basis of why we incarnate here. Our ancestors understood that concept greatly.

Nut & Geb

Nut & Geb

To understand why it is so imperative that we reconstruct our Djeds we must understand that the Kemites viewed the Djed as the backbone of Ausar. Ausar had the love of Ast and Nebehet, and the connection to himself and purpose. This strength made him deeply envied by his brother Set who represents those lower level energies that can set us to this realm. Jealously led to Set violently killing his brother (Ausar) and chopping him up to pieces. Nebehet & Ast worked in tandem to put him back together, we must do the work to put ourselves back together in the same way.


The Djed is known as a pillar, and in Kemet Heaven is divided into 4 parts (4 corners). Each of these quadrants is protected by one of the 4 Sons of Heru. Heaven is said to rest on the staffs of these 4 sons, these 4 energies represent our 4 senses, 4 seasons & the perfection and balance of all things.


Today we become the Djedi (Stable Ones) we carry this energy through the year. We will be the wisdom keepers, of mind & spirit and shine this frequency out into the world.

Meditation Ceremony for Raising of the Djed

§  Light a red (energy, passion, strength, courage)…. White (truth, purity, cleansing, healing)….. Purple (power, earthly & spiritual)

§  Pour a glass of water for your ancestors

§  Place fruit, vegetables to give thanks to the earth

§  Place a feather for the element of air

§  Flowers (earth element, beauty)

Say a personal prayer as that the Universe, the Gods, Goddesses, Neteru, wrap you in the ribbons of Red, White, Purple, and Gold ribbons of protections. You ask that the rays of Ra shine as you walk this Winter Solstice and through the season. May your Djed be raised and your strength carry you through the seasons.



Love and so much Light,

Heru Tehuti Nun


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