12/21/2018 – 5:23pm EST | Winter Solstice – Season of Stillness

It is here, the Dawn of the Hermit, the Season of Stillness, the Element of Air, the Season of Swords. Friday 12/21/2018 @ 5:23pm ET ushers in the Winter Solstice. I am not going to sugar coat things, this is not an easy time for many of us. The winter urges us to travel into our shadows, to find our light. It is the time to center, as you have had the bounties of the Fall Harvest. Now we must connect with the Moon sides in ourselves deeply to see what needs healing, what needs rest, & what needs to stay just where it is. When we look at the seasons, when one understands that the Spring is about resurrection the frequencies of the Winter make total sense. How do you venture into things reborn, if you do not take time to reflect…. well the Winter will assist us with that reflection. The days will be shorter, & the nights longer however this is a very magical time for deep & sincere healing.


Before I go into my whole detailed lecture on the benefits of the winter and its meanings there is a point that I would like to remind you. The Winter Solstice is the time where we have the shortest day, and longest night. This is the time where the veil is truly thinnest, many people have been misled to believe that it is Halloween but that is simply not the case. Friday, and the weekend will be a tremendous time to light candles and set intention & protection through the winter months. The tradition of the Yule Log has been greatly lost and misunderstood in our modern times, the log was burned continuously on the Solstice to protect the warmth of the house, to ward off dark energies and set positive intention for the season. Not all of us have fireplaces, however light some Palo Santo this Friday to signify the burning Yule log and you can use this prayer or your own:

I surround myself in the White, Purple, Black, Pink, & Blue Light of the Divine’s protection. I ask that my ancestors, and the divine oneness around me to protect me and bring warmth through this season. Warm my heart, my spirit, my mind may the lessons of what needs to be mended through this Season of Stillness be conquered with dignity & grace for I know that I will enter the Spring changed …. Stronger, greater & clear minded arms open for the bounty that life will bless me with” HERU TEHUTI NUN

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The winter solstice is the end of the proscenium arch, that is our journey of life. It is all about the energies of the final signs of the zodiac, Capricorn, Aquarius, & Pisces. These signs are about a cohesive energy, they attempt to nit together opposing energies into something of balance to ensure survival for us all. Capricorn is all about the organization of others towards a practical goal. Aquarius being the thinker, is about outreach and understanding of the boundlessness that is required to unify parts into a whole. Pisces is about connecting with a higher source to ensure blessings along with survival not just for themselves but for those around them. Expect this season to bring forth all of those energies.


Use the energies of the month to work on things behind the scenes, this is what the Winter is all about. Pull together all your resources they will allow you to travel in directions that will honor your personal goals on a deeper level. Allow yourself to view the complete panoramic picture of your life, step back and see it for the entirety of what it is. The self-reflection that the season of The Hermit grants us, allows us to connect all of the dots to understand the steps that take us closest to what we are truly working towards. So, aim your desires and work on the details needed so you are prepared when you need to go into action.


Timing is everything in life, use the nature energies of where the Moon, Sun and Stars will be to assist you. The Winter is all about the preparation to resurrect in the spring, there will be cold days, colder nights but it is beautiful. I know you are like “Brother, where is the beauty in cold, slush and train delays from bad weather”…. Well, the beauty is the extra time allows us to really reflect greater than we do in the other seasons. We can truly enter the Spring inspired, ready to move our change into gear. Happy Solstice, Happy Yule, Happy Holidays….. enjoy, love, and always follow your light. HERU TEHUTI NUNN 12.19.2018

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