10/24/2018- Full Moon – Blood Moon – Taurus

Happy Halloween, now is the time when the veil becomes thin, the membrane between the Spirit & Physical worlds is slight. This energy carries us through the Winter Season, the time of Stillness & ushers us right into the Spring, time of resurrection.

On Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 our moon will go full in the constellation of Taurus where it joins the planet Uranus. So, what does this mean for us, well the nature of its proximity to Taurus brings in an exciting frequency of uncertainty & change. Venus’s opposition to Uranus forces the light of that change to reflect on our relationships & finances. Now you are asking where is the doom & gloom there is always some, well unexpected changes become financial opportunities this month. Relationship uncertainty leads to avenues of reassurance & commitment.


The conjunction of Taurus & Uranus creates an energy that frames the events of the month. This creates a whole mix of change, excitement & a little bit of uncertainty as well. The aspect of the Sun opposite Moon means that the change & uncertainty applies to the quadrant of our relationships. While Venus opposite Uranus creates a bridge for that change to occur in the quadrant of our finances as well.

Saturn also comes into play this month, bringing an overall harmony that turns fear into excitement. The presence of Saturn brings more stability, making this change a welcomed one not a disruption. So be excited, because this month breathes in fresh air & new opportunity with our love & money that will have practical and long lasting results.


This moon will have some challenging aspects, I mean how do we get to the light if we can’t learn those lessons from the shadows. It is all balanced in the design of life. Venus’s opposition of Uranus signals change, & for some of us that comes with tension. If you are single this is the time, where you may experience a very exciting new romance that speaks to all of the areas of surprise & may be something that plays into your kinks. However, this could also be brief & burn out quickly, so it is a game of risk. If you find yourself partnered expect the unexpected & be cautious this blood moon highlights our sexuality & sexual experimentation or affairs could lead to separation.

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Despite your situation if love isn’t an option then change & excitement can manifest in another arena of life. Financial windfalls are possible this month, so be extra careful with money. Avoid those earthbound tendencies that we have to gamble or overspend. Find stimulation in other things, not necessarily swimming in that pool of money…. Trust me the financial rewards are on the horizon, but let’s be careful now.


Moon conjunct Uranus enters the realm of impulsive reactions. Sudden shifts in frequency may result in upsetting energies in our relationships, families, or major & unwanted changes in our intimate relationships. Some actions of ours may not turn out well, however one or two could prove valuable so carefully observe when the time is to explore your eccentric nature.

Venus has a lot of play in the actions of this month, so expect a feeling and longing for love and affection regardless of the consequences. If you are single, loneliness could cause you to lower your standards just to have that person to lay beside you. If you do have a partner, your needs will shift this month which can create tension in the relationship. Be careful of the pitfalls that come when our needs aren’t met through human contact, we substitute with overindulging.


Venus sextile Saturn brings us a helping hand this month. If you are single, this increases the likelihood of finding true love with someone who is also looking for a long-term commitment. A mentor/mentee partnership is also possible this month. If you are in a partnership, expect new events in the bedroom to come in and Spice Up Your Life! You will find practical ways to handle long lasting problems, & there will be mutual understanding if a relationship has run its course.