9-24-2018 Harvest Moon- Full Moon in Aries

This has been a whirlwind of a week, the Fall Equinox is here and so is the time of the Harvest Moon. This moon is in Aries and allows us to look our fears dead in the face and show them what the deal really is! This moon has a little bit of a heavy feel to it due to it hitting a Saturn like star that deals in the energy of our inhibitions and our personal restraint. So expect your personal feelings and relationships to be rocked a little while it faces this energetic influence. Some of these wounds are still mending from childhood trauma.

We aren’t just going to put all the problems in your face though, here at Worthytarot.com we have solutions for you! There will be a boost of courage this month, energy from Mars and Uranus gives us the courage and energy to face our challenges this month, with solutions that will have lasting effects.


Keep in mind that the Full Moon has a relationship with the previous New Moon. The goals that you had during the New Moon on 9/9 now can be fine-tuned and fully executed. Do not abandon those as the fire energy of Aries is assisting in the follow through. Make those emotional adjustments that are required to see your goals through to completion.

Saturn is a strong concern in what we will experience this month. Saturn is the focal point of a T-square aspect pattern, which makes a tense and challenging period that all of us are going to have to do some calming and work to master this time. Expect a series of tests this month, some crisis, and even more conflict. Sounds fun huh! It will be necessary for us to hone our life skills, so we come out afloat, learn to relate more to others especially those that oppose you. Do not try to battle all of the conflict thrown your way this month, it is wasted energy that will only build more obstacles. Try to stay afloat!


The moon will be opposite mercury which can not only scramble our thoughts but bring our ideas and opinions about things to the forefront. Issue is that these opinions are about everyone else’s stuff. Keep the overly emotional passive aggressive frequencies at bay. Keep this in mind as you struggle making sense of everyday problems that normally seem small. This can lead to many arguments this month, if not calmed. The problems that are lingering in our society may also be heightened, it is Dog Eat Dog this month.

Dog Eat Dog, Joni Mitchell

Dog Eat Dog, Joni Mitchell

There is much energy in the atmosphere this month that brings up emotional trauma, but it is doing this to aid us in healing. Keep in mind that there is very strong Fire energy this month, with the moon being in Aries. The moon being square with Saturn is one of the most challenging aspects this month. You will feel restricted and deal with issues of depression in your personal relationships. It may be a little harder to connect with people on an emotional level this month. Those difficulties can bring further disappointment and sadness; however, all times have and ebb and flow and this is one of those times.


Blaming others for these feelings will only heighten energy and make matters worse. Remember patience is truly your friend this month. It is good to remember that now, but it becomes a little more difficult when we are in the heat of these energies. However, you are not the only soul to deal with these energies, the moon being full in Aries this month brings this to the surface for all of us. Keep that in mind when dealing with others, you don’t want to tarnish cherished relationships.

Take the time this month to re-charge. This isn’t the time to push yourself if your energy is low. Trust me, you will thank yourself for it. The Harvest is an amazing change to look at the outward changes, because they bring strong reminders of the changes that are happening within. Take some extra walks, steams, runs this month reconnect with yourself!


Help is on the way though, most times it always is! Saturn trine Uranus encourages us to make positive change, and brings attention to the bullshit that we put up with. You will be motivated to make changes, and the universe is shifting to make those happen. Sun quincunx Uranus can make us tense and anxious, relaxation may be difficult as our spirits anticipate change. This is just nervous energy, as Toni Braxton says, “let it flow.”

Toni Braxton, Let it Flow

Toni Braxton, Let it Flow