3/20/2018 | Spring Equinox – Ostara Appears

Ostara has finally ushered in the dawn of Spring, & the Sun enters the sign Aries. This is a wonderful time of year, & not just because I am an Aries! The Spring, or Season of Aces is all about resurrection, new opportunities, new ideas & ways of approaching them. The Spring ushers in not only kinder weather (northern hemisphere) however it also brings forth the principles & frequencies of the first three signs of the zodiac, Aries, Taurus & Gemini. Personal identity is deeply important to these signs, so expect an influx of lessons & situations that will allow you to bloom into your best self.


Aries, the wonderful & energetic Cardinal Sign who ushers in the Spring which is all about resurrection brings forth a wonderful energy that all of us can access this month. Mars, rules the Aries & provides one the courage, strength & strategy of a warrior. How can this be used to start your new ideas? Go back to those resolutions that you created during the holiday season, do those still apply to who & where you are right now? How can the energy of the Spring help to bring those into fruition? This may be the most realistic time to make those goals tangible.


It is important to set clear intentions as to what you would like to manifest. Having a clear way to approach this is the best way to make the most out of this season:

Physical activity is always the best way to ground and balance the chakras, enroll in a new gym, start a new exercise regimen, make sure that your diets is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic by bringing greens into your diet.

Purge, purge, purge there is a reason why we have the saying cleanliness is next to godliness clutter doesn’t always promote the formation of new ideas. Cleans those houses, minds, bodies, and spirits to allow new energies to take root.

Prioritize what your top three goals for the year, and of those three what is number 1? What can be done to truly get you there?

Try something new, it is a jolt of exciting energy. Aries are all about spontaneity try something new this season that you have always wanted. It may open up your eyes to opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Spring is the time of love, go on a date with your current partner or a new found friend.

 Keep in mind of the obstacles that will take place this month. Mercury will go retrograde from 3/22-4/15, Saturn will go retrograde from 4/17 – 9/6, Pluto will go retrograde from 4/22 – 9/30. Mercury deals with our communications, expect delays and frustrations. Saturn deals with our karma, lessons & protections expect these issues to arise this season. Pluto reveals truth, that applies to life expect to deal with the ramifications of these energies. However, these events don’t have to bring worry or frustrations they are mere obstacles in the road that you will travel.


The seasons are aiding you in manifesting those desires that are deepest & closest to your heart. Give yourself the secure and stable environment to build upon the beautiful energy that the season will bring your way. Happy Spring!

Heru Jerome 3/19/2018