3-1-2018 – Full Moon in Virgo

We are inching closer to Tuesday 3/20, by the hour. At that time, Ostara will usher in the time of renewal. The Spring is truly the Season of Aces, new beginnings are ready to flower like buds on a tree. What a magical time of year, however magic requires pruning to reap its full benefits. Thursday’s Full Moon is at 11degrees Virgo & shows opposition to Neptune.


Neptune has a very mystical nature, ruling the seas of our subconscious & the depths of our souls. This is a planet of inspiration but can also bring forth confusion & illusion. Neptune’s rays extend to the areas of spirituality, those things that are unseen forces but provide the vital force that is needed to have life. There is no coincidence that before the Spring Equinox which is truly a season of resurrection we have a clearing that will take place both emotionally & outwardly. Although these moments can bring instances of severe regret they are necessary to clear the way forging the path to new beginnings.


The assistance of Neptune will shed light on all our personal relationships, & the negativity within them. There may be confusion & a rise of negative emotions. The fixed star conjunction this month brings forth the likelihood of problems due to deceit, selfishness, people who aren’t aligned with your moral vision, carelessness, meanness, & self-inflicted bad behaviors. I know that this seems like a lot to swallow and you probably are all like “Shit!”, however the Moon’s conjunction with Saturn will allow you to learn from this to break free.


This month is all about healthy detoxification. Our minds & souls will be cleaned and alkalized so we are retuned and work in proper frequency. See the vibration this month as a tuning fork that is helping to recalibrate your vibration so you function efficiently. The Moon’s opposition to Neptune will cause our instincts to not be as accurate as they are normally. We may have the lingering effects of our subconscious fears as static noise in the background. Do not move in the energy of irrationality this month, carefully think things out before you make any sudden moves.


Sometimes we tend to idealize those that we admire & are close to, be careful to not allow this to blind you to negative character traits that will affect your equilibrium & flow. This can leave you wide open to deception, which may not be the easiest to navigate with the static that will be in the air this month. It is important to search for that golden source of light & inspiration that is internal to all of us the month to avoid discouraging feelings, self-doubt & paranoia.

This is not a discouraging time though; our full moon trine Saturn brings patience & the emotional capability to not only handle the shadows of this month but to also make greater sense of them. I know that this month will get off to a rocky start however we are going into a season that is all about rebirth. There needs to be a clearing so we can walk freely.


Heru Tehuti Nun 2/28/2018