2-15-2018 New Moon in Aquarius – Solar Eclipse

Spring, we are almost there! Winter is almost over & soon Ostara will grace us with the dawn of the Spring. However, during these remaining weeks the Sun and Moon are working in our favor to generate truly positive vibes. This month’s New Moon is in the Air Sign of Aquarius which is all about thought. New moons support the thought that is required to generate next steps. Pair the natural energy of the thinker, along with the energetic support of new ideas to bless you with clarity to see exactly where you are headed.


“If you think it, it will come” this statement rings so true! We are the architects of our destiny’s & the conductors of our trains, we determine just how bumpy the ride will be. Use the natural energy of the Moon being in the element of Air to steady your mind to see just what is next. The beauty about this, is that it doesn’t have to be forced. Open your mind to the messages that will come this month. Also, have the courage to let go of the clutter that blocks the space for new ideas & habits.


We have double support of the Sun & Moon this month. Keep in mind that the Solar Eclipse creates an environment to not only think about what needs to be done but to also make our lives more in Unity with what we would like to manifest…. The solar eclipse also gives us the energy, and carefree nature to put these thoughts into action.

Ostara, American Gods

Ostara, American Gods

The Dawn of Spring will soon be here, what new ideas, plans, ways of thinking, & habits would you like to manifest in the time of resurrection? We can take advantage of the next few weeks with these steps to ensure that we have success when those flowers start to bloom:

·         Clear your mind, allow old thoughts and anxieties to leave, make space for new ones

·         Set clear intentions, with your personal goals in mind

·         Open your heart to those relationships that will aide your goals

·         Sit back, have FAITH!!!!


The partial solar eclipse along with the New Moon will bring that extra boost of clarity. You will feel recharged and have the energy and vigor to enter your next phase elegantly. Aquarius energy encourages us to look at things in a different way through bringing more innovation into our daily lives. This energy is a breath of fresh air bringing new solutions to problems that have lingered for many of us the past few weeks. The new ideas that we birth this month will set the course for the next few months.

Now is the time to align those visions to what is in the heart, and begin attracting the energy that will aid in much needed change. Remember that new ideas require getting rid of old ones to make space.