1-31-2018 Full Moon in Leo – Blue Moon – Lunar Eclipse

I hope that all of you are having a lovely winter season. This Wednesday January 31, 2018 marks a full moon at 11 degrees Leo. Wednesday is not only a Full Moon, but also a Lunar Eclipse that will allow us to focus our attention on intimate relationships. The feminine aspect of the Moon allows one to have clarity concerning personal needs & intentions, which is a gift because it grants one the ability to see those personal relationships through the lens of what is needed for self. You will see the imbalances in your relationships to bring more harmony to your environment.

Aker, God of the Meridians

Aker, God of the Meridians

Although our moon is in Leo this month it is more of a Cancer lunar eclipse because it is taking place in the Cancer Constellation. This will be a total eclipse of the moon, which allows us to reset our emotions. The last few months have been a whirlpool of all sorts of feelings, keep in mind that 2018 is a “2” year which is all about successful juggling of two aspects & moving into action. The time where the Moon eclipses will provide a recalibration for all of us, helping to retune our frequencies.


Cancer, the Crab is the ruler of the domestic realm it rules the home, mothers, mothering, housework & our overall comfort. So, what does this mean? We will all have a boost of sensitivity & fostering with our dealings. Nurturing permeates all aspects of our lives, those around us, & how we perform our tasks to promote an environment that is more aligned to what we consider home.


The domestic & caring nature of Cancer paired with the Moon’s proximity to the minor planet Ceres who rules over motherly love, family unity & female fertility helps to give our endeavors that touch of motherly love. Ceres is a Goddess that rules the growing of plants, crops, the harvest & those resources that sustain us. How can you apply this energy to those issues that require your cultivation?


We will also experience emotional sensitivity this month, due to the lunar eclipse quincunx with Neptune. There will be a stir of many emotions that can cause tension. However, meditation and retreat from our thoughts allows us to better balance to prevent us from flipping out or retreating totally.

Although this month’s moon is in Leo its proximity to the Constellation of Cancer which is the most emotional & sensitive of the constellations will have us being a little more sensitive than usual this month. However, keep these in perspective. Take a look at what needs better balance in your life, and how proper care & sensitivity will promote a better equilibrium. Conquering these aspects allows us to walk a road that is paved in gold.