Tarot Talks Volume XIX: An interview with Dame Darcy, creator of the Mermaid Tarot

Tis the Season, winter solstice is near, so are the holidays, & those Chai Latte’s I love so much. I hope that you are bundled up, & in clear thought because we are about to enter the Season of thought…. Better known as the Season of Swords. The holidays are the last rounds to celebrate the many gifts that the harvest of the fall provides us. It is from this time that we are ushered into the time of The Hermit, the time of stillness where we can reflect on what we would like to bring into fruition when Ostara blesses us with the Spring. Dame Darcy has created a nautical themed deck that translates to any time of the year. I love to use this deck during the winter months, because it brings light into a time that can get cloudy. I hope that you enjoy reading about it, as much as I love working with it!


Mermaid Tarot, Dame Darcy

Mermaid Tarot, Dame Darcy

Dame Darcy creator of the Mermaid Tarot

Dame Darcy is a powerhouse, having created characters who have a life & energy all their own. Anyone who is familiar with her Meat Cake series is aware of the cult following her work creates. The characters within this deck truly have lives all of their own because of Dame’s process to hand draw them all. Yes every character, every piece of sand, every wave in this deck is hand drawn. With an amazing sepia tone and aquamarine wash to make one feel that they are looking at an old pirate map.

Worthy Tarot: Tell me about yourself, where are you from & where are you currently? How have these locations influenced what you do creatively?

DD: I have always liked mermaids a lot but moved to Savanah because of the influence of the boating and nautical stuff. I have always dreamed of being a pirate and sailor surrounded by dolphins and other nautical wildlife. Since I have been in Savanah, I have had a lot more experience with sailing and also got a model fin so I can swim like a mermaid. I shot a series pilot based on my comic book, you can find it on Youtube here:


The pilot is called Voyage of a Temptress where I play a mermaid. I wanted the deck to look like a pirate map and like it is on parchment paper. The deck in general is sepia toned but with an aquamarine was over it to give the cards a nautical and pirate feel.

Dame Darcy, creator of the Mermaid Tarot

Dame Darcy, creator of the Mermaid Tarot

To this day the Rider Waite is still one of my most cherished decks. As a sequential artist known for drawing comics, I was drawn to the tarot because in essence it is sequential art. Making a Tarot Decks blends perfectly with the work I do when I create a comic. As a Pagan my soul has been drawn to this work for centuries, and in this lifetime I have been able to combine my love of drawing comics with the spiritual views of Tarot, to make a deck that deeply conveys my vision and artistic sensibilities.

Worthy Tarot: We are entering an Air Age which is associated with thought. When you examine air it can blow everything around that is not tethered. People are trying to find their footing and light as they enter this age and are drawn to the magic and spirituality of the Tarot. The face of the tarot just like our new age is changing, how do you feel your deck lends to this revolution?

DD: I worship the Goddess, and in the last 50 years this has been the first time in centuries where women have been able to be property owners, career driven, business owners, homemakers, mothers, sisters, vessels for life and wisdom without the struggle of trying to uphold the demeanor and values that a patriarchal society has placed on them. This is still a struggle with its list of growing pains, but we are coming much further along then where we have been in years previously. I saw an interview where a women said that she was not a feminist, because men have certain issues that women do not advocate. The cornerstone of all feminism is equal rights for everyone, gay, transgender, etc.

I volunteer at a crisis center and teach art to both young girls and boys. And I find equal, open & free expression in women and men which better gets us to greater understanding exactly what equality can mean. I am not a man hating feminist. I feel that men have been neglected and affected by the same issues as women. The problem lies with the patriarchy, I am not against Christianity I like Jesus I just do not like fundamentalism. The Goddess is coming back, feminism is becoming the norm. Some of the growing pains that we are experiencing are men finding where they belong in all of this. The patriarchy is beginning to crumble and we all can see this. If you ask anyone gay, male, female, what island they would want to live one, one with only men or women the general consensus is that of all women so why the patriarchy? I am glad this age is ending.

Worthy Tarot: What inspires you and how was that inspiration incorporated into your deck?

DD:  I love the pirate era and rococo fashion made around the same time in the mid-1700s. My deck reflects the time and sensibilities of this era. I started my career in the early 90s making themes. I would photo copy and hand print stuff. To this day I am still teaching these themes and how to publish them from young people to college level. I have always been drawn to hand drawn or hand made over computer driven art. Anyone can do Photoshop now, but not everyone has the skill and energy that is reflected in a hand drawn deck. All of my deck was hand drawn and painted in watercolor. I am old-school, so Photoshop is not my thing. I think the genuine energy that is conveyed in hand drawn art can get lost when making art via Photoshop. I also have handmade everything on my Etsy shop.

Mermaid Tarot, Dame Darcy

Mermaid Tarot, Dame Darcy

I self-published this deck, have 3 books coming out this year. My Meatcake comics are going to be put into one book which will come out in June. I am also currently illustrating a mystery compilation, and a book on female murderers called Lady Killers which will be published by Harper Collins. I have two sides’ whimsical fairies goddess and mermaids, but my other side is Victorian Gothic pen and ink. I have the duality of the Gemini, my light blond twin who is an intellectual and can think herself out of anything like Spock. Then there is my emotional dark side, or the darker twin. The two of them are in me at all times and I have to make them work together. I started my career as a teenager working on instincts and intuition as I get older I can utilize these gifts better.

Worthy Tarot: If you could use a film, artists, novels to make your dream Tarot deck what would that be? (I have a couple NeverendingStory Tarot, Pippi Longstocking Tarot, Julie Heffernan Tarot like please now!!!!)

DD: Wizard of Oz tarot from the classic of 1912, this influenced my drawing style. There are so many different characters especially female characters which I love within this novel. I like the fact that women are reflected as powerful witches and you see Dorothy go through the Fool’s Journey. Tarot decks do a great job at blending male and female archetypes, because they pick up the male and female energies that are within each of us. You find male and female characters equally dispersed in most Tarot decks. When you are reading for someone the male can represent a women, and the women can represent the male which sends a very truthful message to us all.

Mermaid Tarot, Dame Darcy

Mermaid Tarot, Dame Darcy

Worthy Tarot: Would you ever create another deck, think about this one as I know 78 cards are a huge undertaking!

DD: I am thinking of creating a Meat Cake Tarot deck based on my comic book series which I think will be funny and fun. I was going to publish a Meat Cake deck before I published the Mermaid Tarot, however I chose not to because it already had its own publisher and following. I figured that mermaids were a great theme and people would love them as much as I do. Just like the Tarot mermaids are mystical. Also like the Tarot mermaids can convey the dark and light aspects within people. Some angel and oracle decks avoid some of the darker themes in life and I did not want to do this with my deck. I like the fact that Tarot can be in your face and explores both facets of life.

Mermaids are beautiful representations of female empowerment and freedom but they can also crash ships and cause storms embodying the energy of the sea Goddess. The sea is not always in a happy place, neither are people.

Mermaid Tarot, Dame Darcy

Mermaid Tarot, Dame Darcy

Mermaids can also represent everyone, little girls love them. Transgendered people love them because having fish tails they are not gendered biased. Men like them because they are sexy and unapologetic about it. They draw all sorts of people in and appeal to a greater market.

Worthy Tarot: If someone is interested in your deck how would they get a hold of you?

DD:  http://damedarcy.com/



Mermaid Tarot, Dame Darcy

Mermaid Tarot, Dame Darcy

10/5/2017 Full Moon in Aries | Blood Moon – Harvest Moon

Fall is here, the leaves are changing, the air is crisp, what a welcomed change! October is one of my favorite months, most of the time the weather is perfect & then there is Halloween which feeds my internal child. Not only is October upon us, but so is the Harvest Moon which is in the lovely Fire Sign of Aries (Be warned if I am biased, this is my sign!!!).


Tomorrow’s Full Moon will take place tomorrow at 2:41pm ET, and is named the Harvest Moon due to its proximity to the Fall Equinox. This occurs in October this month, but most often occurs in September. So, what does this moon have in store for us? The Full Moon this week will square Pluto, which has now stationed direct but we will still feel our attention focused towards matters that are currently on our minds. Fall is all about the Harvest, utilize the energy of this month to harvest the wealth that comes from successfully letting go of anything that currently has you stagnant. This release allows one to enter a period of true regeneration.


The coming together of Venus & Mars on the same day of the Full Moon makes room for some interesting energy. Venus will promote an erotic energy & Mars will herald a period of creative energy. Venus amplifies, & Mars being the warrior wants what it wants. Paired together in Virgo, this passion is put to great use. You will see your tasks tackled this month, so use this energy to give true strength. The frequency of this month is trying to set us up for accomplishment, however both planets are close to squaring Saturn so expect those accomplishments to be tested.


Mercury will have a conjunction with the Sun this month. This will place Mercury in a cycle where it will be further from Earth than normal. This allows us to have a full panoramic view of the intricacies of things that we may normally miss. The space that Mercury has this month gives it room to gather a greater perspective, use that to your full advantage. Remember that Mercury is our messenger, keep your eyes peeled for those messages that come that may have true remedies to things that have been worrisome the past couple of weeks.


Aries as you know have a flare for drama, (uugh tell me about it!). So, expect this week to have its dramatic peaks and lows. However, drama doesn’t always equate bad news. Sometimes, we get right to the heart of our goals in a more dramatic fashion than normal…. But when we move this way we damn sure won’t be bored. There will be a lot of light shed on personal changes that we are trying to put in place. The spotlight is on us, who we are professionally & personally… Aries energy is great at highlighting these things, so use it to your advantage. Use the boost in attention to help to elevate you & keep your ascension maintained.


Heru Jerome 10/4/2017

9-20-2017 New Moon in Virgo

We are just steps away from The Season of Pentacles, The Fall, The Harvest J. The nature of the summer time is to get alchemy brewing, the energy of the Suit of Wands is there to aid us in manifesting our wildest dreams. However, from Summer we are ushered into Fall & given the opportunity to “Harvest” all those things that we manifested during the summer months. The fall is time to put our feet in the soil & get to work with what we want to get accomplished. We are reminded of this constantly, however this week puts a spotlight on these issues with our New Moon in the lovely Earth Sign of Virgo.


The nature of the Virgo is to carefully & meticulously put all energies into categories in order to better decipher them. The Virgo wants to organize, define, & categorize… in order to build a bridge to greater understanding. This is a sign that is not afraid of learning & understands learning new things is what makes life interesting. This may mean having patience at one’s helm, in order to maintain the energy to stick with something through its entire process. This can be painstaking, but Mother Nature reminds us of this in the Fall Season. The changes that are around us are cycles ending to birth new beginnings.


Virgo’s love the idea of perfection, & will work tirelessly to achieve the archetype of what they consider to be perfect. They will work very hard, often non-stop with the satisfaction of getting everything accomplished as they envision in their minds eyes. However, deep in their hearts they understand that the perfection that they are trying to manifest is unrealistic. But, the pleasure that is given for an unrealistic cause can often switch focus & serve as a distraction. Ask yourself this month, are you setting standards that are realistic, for yourself or others? The energy of this moon will shed light on those issues that all of us have.  


The new moon in Virgo is joined by Mercury, Venus & Mars….. So, the areas that this moon will target are very specific. Would the perfection seeking Virgo have it any other way? Mercury finds itself in direct opposition to Neptune right at the beginning of this moon. This is incredibly close to where Mercury stationed retrograde. However, now direct, Mercury will complete this opposition while it is direct. Mercury isn’t the most reliable when influenced by Neptune in this way. Neptune tends to blur the lines, especially when specifics are concerned. It is great to have your head in the clouds when balanced, because you can bring yourself back to grounding when needed. Use the magic of this connection not as something that will deter you, but aid in your efforts.


Mercury & Mars oppositions this month will remind us of our vulnerabilities. Sometimes we must allow ourselves to reexplore the rudiments of a situation to get back to the basics of understanding exactly what it is. We will take a very brick & mortar approach to how we develop plans to tackle our issues. The answers to success, may be a lot simpler then we allow ourselves to see. Allow the energies of the New Moon to allow you to get back to a strategy that simply leads you where you need to go. What is the real reason that you have your heart’s desires in the first place, & how can that motivate you to keep going? Like the Harvest we must work, but if we move with the energy of this month we have the capacity to make true change.


Heru Jerome 9/19/2017

Tarot Talks Volume XVIII: An interview with Grace Duong, creator of the Mystic Mondays Tarot

Hi my beautiful souls, fall is almost here…. I will admit that I am sad to see the Summer go, however I am very excited about the change that the new season has in store. Fall is the time of the Harvest, deeply related to the Suit of Pentacles in the Tarot. It allows us to truly harvest our goals, needs & desires. It is such an important time, because we leave the fall to enter the Winter Time which is associated with the Suit of Swords, Air (Thought) & The Hermit. Keep in mind those things that you will like to bring into fruition as 2017 makes way for 2018. Grace Duong has transformed the concept of Monday’s instead of it being something we can often dread, look at is a Spiritual Restart. This is a tremendous deck to cozy up with a cup of tea, and get deeply to the heart of matters.


Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Grace Duong creator of Mysic Mondays

“Rainy days & Mondays always get me down” The Carpenters

We can change the way that we approach Monday’s with an excitement and vigor for what is in store as well as the changes that come! Grace Duong has created a deck that isn’t too top heavy in its imagery to allow one to connect with self on a daily basis. This is a tremendous tool for anyone to include in their spiritual arsenal.

Worthy Tarot: Tell me about yourself, where are you from & where are you currently? How have these locations influenced what you do creatively?

GD: My name is Grace – I’m a creative person at heart, always cooking up new ideas & creative projects. I freelance as a graphic designer & art director in Los Angeles. I’m originally from Philadelphia & actually started my journey in the fine arts taking various art classes on Saturdays since my middle / high school did not have a strong arts program. I ended up working for a mural artists & joined stage crew so that I could paint sets in high school. I ventured off into the graphic design program at the Tyler School of Art – Temple University in Philadelphia & was drawn to the idea of visual communication & how that could impact societies at a larger scale, & (hopefully) in a beneficial way. Philadelphia instilled a strong sense of traditional art, from concepts like scale, angles, form that all help to inform me in my design practice now. Los Angeles has given me a certain freedom to explore different avenues. I felt tied down to a certain way of doing things the “right” way, however all of that training has allowed me to explore & create what feels & sparks true to me – what I want to express, whether its photography, illustration, or any other media. I think all these medias can be used to convey your big idea, that you have permission to use all of them how you’d like, & to have fun with it! I certainly did that with Mystic Mondays, seeing it as more than just illustrated Tarot cards. There’s also an App, videos, gifs, that all live under the Mystic Mondays brand & speak the bigger brand message.

Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Worthy Tarot: What drew you to Tarot & Oracle, what aspects of your energy have found their way into your deck? How does this make your deck unique?

GD: I was always interested in the metaphysical & spiritual world. It began when my cousin Sylvie gifted me a tarot deck about 8 years ago. I found I didn’t fully relate to the art of the cards & the way they were written, so it inspired me to create my own! I think this deck encompasses my own personal punch of positivity & warmth. My style often has bright & bold colors, & I found that was especially important for this deck as energy carries vibrations & each color carries a vibration also. My intention was for people to use Mystic Mondays tarot as an intuition tool. I wanted it to be accessible for people to want to learn & grow from their experiences with using it. Tarot often has a dark & negative connotation to it – but it doesn’t have to be that way! Tarot is for anybody & everybody.

Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Worthy Tarot: We are entering an Air Age which is associated with thought. When you examine air it can blow everything around that is not tethered. People are trying to find their footing & light as they enter this age & are drawn to the magic & spirituality of the Tarot. The face of the Tarot just like our new age is changing, how do you feel your deck lends to this revolution?

GD: Mystic Mondays is all about beginnings. As Mondays are associated with the start of your week, Mystic Mondays is about setting intentions that will carry on with you to guide you through the rest of the week. Embracing a spirituality practice does not have to be hard, or heavy, & you can incorporate it into your life however you’d like! My take on this Tarot & Mystic Mondays is that it can be much more lighthearted & fun to introduce clarity, guidance, & intention into your everyday life & that there is no “right” or “wrong” way of doing so.

Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Worthy Tarot: What inspires you & how was that inspiration incorporated in your deck?


GD: I’m inspired by different books I read, people I meet, & places I go. Feelings & emotions are very much a part of my life & I wanted people to be able to feel a part of themselves while using this deck. I’m inspired by bold personalities, particularly women, for forging the path for other strong females who not only want to create a product, but make a positive impact doing so.

Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Worthy Tarot: Would you ever create another deck, think about this one as I know 78 cards are a huge undertaking!

GD: I would definitely be open to it! Never say never J.

Worthy Tarot: If you could have your favorite artist/artists create your dream deck who would they be?

GD: Well, I recently found that Salvador Dali created a Tarot Deck & I looked through it! So that already exists. I would actually love to see more modern decks out there as I’m drawn to bold graphic styles & colors.

Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Worthy Tarot: If someone is interested in your deck how would they get a hold of you?

GD: Mystic Mondays is on social! So definitely hang out with us there. You can also check out our website & email us!




Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

Mystic Mondays, by Grace Duong

8-7-2017 Full Moon in Aquarius | Lunar Eclipse

Today we are reminded that we are inching closer to the Harvest. I hope that all of you are continuing to have a wonderful Summer Season. This truly is an amazing time of year, & is charged with something very special. August 7, 2017 not only marks a Full Moon in our lovely Air Sign of Aquarius but it is also a Lunar Eclipse. So, expect a little bit of Shadow & Light the next couple of weeks, we GOT THIS!!!!

The lunar eclipse, which takes place today is at 15° Aquarius… our lovely Water Bearer. Jupiter square Pluto is directly linked to both the Moon & Sun, so it is related to both sides of who we are our Feminine Side- Moon & our Masculine Side-Sun. You will have a drive this month to find balance in both sides to help achieve a higher sense of self for personal success… Do not let this search get too out of hand, it can have major negative impacts on your behavior & close relationships. Balance in all things!

Our internal dialogues suggest what is best for us, & defines what success looks like. However, how do we get to that success? The frequency of this moon has the potential to make our climb up the ladder a little ruthless! We all have it in us, but it must be tamed. The movements of the Planets are a language that is divine & reveals several messages, so take the time to listen. The Jupiter & Pluto connection this month provides us knowledge on how to avoid these pitfalls this month. They also give use cinematic views into not only the success that we crave, but the happiness that comes when it is achieved in a balanced way.

Lunar Eclipses are learning lessons to shift our focus to our relationships… those deep & those not as much. The Sun opposite Moon will give the emotions that we have the energy to reach their peak during this time. The Sun is the architect & the King of the everyday world, use this energy to take an objective look at all your relationships. Keep in mind that this Moon also sheds light on our feminine aspects so think about how you can better connect with your own personal needs, wishes & intentions. Looking at these helps you to better see the intentions & wishes of others & if those are in conjunction with the balance that is needed to have you at a healthy & peaceful equilibrium.

The moon will have a period where it is not visible, or black. This represents a reset, or recalibration allowing us to examine & reprogram the baggage that has troubled us over the last couple of months.

The August 7th Lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius is taking place in the Constellation of Capricorn, that which heralds all the details of human affairs & can bring great change in our climate. The Jupiter Square Pluto is probably the most important aspect in the chart after the Lunar Eclipse itself. This powerful energy will be felt four days before the eclipse & it remains a major influencer throughout this month. This is where the urge for success comes from this month, you will want it & you will crave it BIG TIME!!!! It may be a personal project, or your career but you will have a firm drive to plant roots & have them create avenues for true success.

Success is not a bad thing depending on how we go about achieving it. Greed & corruption are always met with shitty results so carefully navigate pathways this month & see how your drive to being on top impacts those around you. Move in the true energy of Maat the deity of Balance, keep your heart as light as her feathers & your movements as pure. We all want to win the battle, but sometimes it is necessary to ask oneself at what cost do we win? Lunar eclipses highlight our home-life & personal relationships so challenges most likely will emerge in those areas. But I have faith that we all will keep our Ascension maintained this month with a little divine intervention :)

Maat – Goddess of Balance

Maat – Goddess of Balance

Heru Jerome 8/7/2017

Tarot Talks Volume XVII: An interview with Kristi Prokopiak, creator of the Illest Tarot

Peace, light & love fam…. The Summer is in full swing & oh is this is my favorite time of year. This week is charged with the energy of the Leo New Moon, & is a great time to connect with self. The Tarot is a tremendous tool for meditation & self-reflection, even if you are not a reader. Nowadays, there are so many decks to choose from, & every so often you come across a deck that just stops you in your tracks. The Illest Tarot is a deck that is close to my heart, I have always been deeply inspired by many artists.  Kristi Prokopiak created a deck that uses many people that have inspired me & many others for years as its archetypes. With each card, you see the familiar faces of muses like Erykah Badu, Fiona Apple, Drew Barrymore, Sade & Bjork… just to name a few. It is as if this deck has been picked from my mind, I hope that you enjoy reading about it as much as I love working with it. This is a special one!!!!!!!!


The Illest Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

The Illest Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

Kristi Prokopiak creator of the Illest Tarot

“When they see you coming N***s take off running from you its true oh yes they do” Erykah Badu…. Erykah reminds us to rid ourselves of that which is heavy and keeps us from attracting new things in her song Bag Lady. The Summer is a great time to look internally at those things, because the natural alchemy of things coming together is all around us in the Summer. It is a time to manifest!

Worthy Tarot: You have chosen some amazing architects in art to be muses for your deck, how did you choose who would represent certain suits?

KP: Thank you! To be honest, I chose the artists, actors & influential figures that touched my life when I was younger. Drawing from my own life is what gives it such a unique flavor. I have been studying the Tarot for several years now, so I have a grasp on what all the cards mean in the traditional sense, but also how they speak to me specifically. I just matched up the ideas & characteristics of each card with whomever represented those traits for me. Their sound, their words, their affectation as a certain character, these are all subtle things I remember, & that was how I

The Illest Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

The Illest Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

decided who I would want to embody each card’s archetype. In some cases, my choice is literally based off of one character in a movie (The Tower) or a specific album (The Lovers). In other cases it’s about their general style, vibe, aesthetic or unique voice…. Sometimes I knew without question who would be matched up (The Wheel of Fortune, The Hermit, The Moon & The High Priestess were all locked in from the get) but sometimes I couldn’t make up my mind (The World, Temperance, Justice & Judgement took a few tries). There are so many small specific ways that each card speaks to me, so I am excited to see them interact with other readers, & how their personal experiences relate to the people chosen for the cards. The name came from one of my favorite bands when I was a teenager, The Beastie Boys. I am a born & raised New Yorker, so I am sure that influenced some of the choices.

The Illest Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

The Illest Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

Worthy Tarot: We are entering an Air Age which is associated with thought. When you examine air it can blow everything around that is not tethered. People are trying to ding their footing & light as they enter this age & are drawn to the magic & spirituality of the Tarot. The face of the tarot just like or new age is changing, how do you feel your deck lends to this revolution?

KP: It really is an interesting time!!! I began reading tarot when I found a Tower card on a sidewalk in Brooklyn. I took it as a sign & quickly became obsessed with the Tarot. Luckily there was a bit of a witch trend happening over there, & it was easy to find others that were reading intuitively & sharing their knowledge. I remember being so frustrated with the images on the classic Rider Waite Smith deck. Most of the symbolism was lost on me at first, & I found the heteronormative, all white people thing kind of frustrating. I think the Illest Tarot makes it a little more approachable, relatable & fun. I know I prefer to read with indie decks, & there are so many amazing options. I love everything Mary Evans of Spirit Speaks does. The Starchild Tarot speaks to my soul. The Slow Holler deck is such an amazing concept with such beautiful execution….. Our Tarot is so unique & inspiring… There’s a deck for every kind of reader! I hope my deck speaks to the people that need it most in their lives. I love to watch people’s faces when they find a card that really resonates.

The Illest Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

The Illest Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

Worthy Tarot: What inspires you & how was that inspiration incorporated in your deck?

KP: Well that depends. Right this second? My Spotify playlist! It’s some of my favorite songs from the artists in the Illest Tarot (you can find it on Spotify, it’s called “the illest tarot”). So obviously music from the 90s is a huge influence here. In general, I am inspired by a wide range of things. I love the street art in NYC & the cactus gardens in the High Desert. Definitely the ocean, which is likely why there are so many blue & green backgrounds in the deck. Really great clothes. Individuals that aren’t afraid to be themselves, to be weird & different & intense in an unapologetic way.

The Illest Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

The Illest Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

Worthy Tarot: Would you ever create another deck, think about this one as I know 78 cards are a huge undertaking!

KP: I don’t know! This is my 3rd deck & by far the most popular, so it’s a bit daunting to think about another one!! I know my love for tarot is always changing & growing, so I am sure I will have a new idea eventually. For now I am just happy to see this deck come to life!!

Worthy Tarot: If you could have your favorite artist/artists create your dream deck who would they be?

KP: I would love to see a deck by Kelly Tunstall. Her paintings feature beautiful alien-esque females & whimsical worlds. Her take on tarot would be amazing. I’m also a huge fan of Sarah Gottesdiener, that would be a really rad, graphic deck. My friend Juliana Sabinson is a hugely talented mixed media artist & I would love for her to publish all of her work in an oracle of some sort.

The Illest Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

The Illest Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

Worthy Tarot: If someone is interested in your deck how would they get a hold of you?

KP: This deck is up for pre-order on my website shop www.lovekp.bigcartel.com & I can always be reached via www.kristiprokopiak.com .

7/9/2017- Full Moon in Capricorn (Blessing Moon)


Sunday 7/9/2017 marks a Full Moon in our lovely Earth Sign of Capricorn. That element which is bound to Earth but has water tendencies, notice the Capricorn has a fish’s tail! Brace yourselves this will be an intense one. The Moon & Pluto which will be opposing the Sun & Mars creates a very charged energy. We will all feel it, & will all not be able to avoid it. However, we can control how it will impact us. So, what quadrant of our lives will this effect? Well, that Water nature of the Earthly bound Capricorn will shed light in the areas of our relationships. So, understand that the next couple of weeks will be charged, & allow yourself to proceed with caution.

There is a very intense charged energy associated with the frequency of this month’s full moon. It can create very clear channels that promote the worse of negative energy, outbursts, curse-outs, violence, self-hatred, anger….. But we all know that life is a balanced equation, so on the other side of this is room for peace & resolution, & the lessons learned from it. How can you keep your emotions in check & cultivate your personal relationships this month?

The Sun’s opposition to the Moon will highlight subharmonic frequencies in your current situation. How are you at work vs. home, how does your ego communicate to your colleagues, is it at bay? What inner tension presents itself in your everyday language & approach, & how can this be tamed so it can be met with grace?

This moon is at 17°09′ Capricorn & is one degree from Pluto. Pluto, like Pele, destroys in order to renew. The Moon’s conjunction with Pluto will bring very deep & intense emotions to the surface that can have the tendency to overwhelm. However, having a grip on where the frequencies are leading this month allows us to understand where these emotions are coming from & helps us to put them into perspective. Be careful to not let these manifest in your dealings with other people, in the form of jealousy, arguments, manipulation & just an overall nasty disposition. It’s like Ani Difranco says, “maybe you don’t like your job, maybe you didn’t get enough sleep…. Well nobody likes their job, nobody got enough sleep.” Our stories are not always unique we all can have the same gripes, so be patient in your dealings with other people. 

Pele, Goddess of Fire

Pele, Goddess of Fire

Sun opposite Moon makes the Moon, Pluto alignment even more charged because it creates tension in our relationships. The Sun opposite Pluto brings crisis in the form of our self-esteem and how we see ourselves in this world. We may realize certain deficiencies which can bring self-criticism & depression but you must use this negative energy to bring you to a more balanced energy of peace. Mars being opposite to Pluto lights that fire to achieve your deepest desires and that is the whole key to this moon. Use the negativity to get you closer to your light & truth. “Straight talk makes for Straight understanding” be honest with yourself what shit do you need to be straight with yourself in order to move it out of the way & get you to a better equilibrium?

You will be moody & short tempered this month, but be patient with yourself & others. Without darkness & shadow we can’t appreciate the light that comes after. Hold on tight, light is near!

Heru Jerome 4/7/2017

6-23-2017 New Moon in Cancer

Happy Summer Solstice, here in the Northern Hemisphere & Happy New Moon in our lovely water sign of Cancer. Summer is officially here! So are the beaches, bbq’s, fireworks, late night walks, & a lot of sweat. However, keep in mind that the Summer is the Season of Alchemy. The air is charged with energy that is trying to bring things together. We are ushered from the Summer into the Harvest or Fall. So, set yourself up to have a successful harvest this fall, balance that fun with the shit that needs to get done!

This week is going to bring our attention to the Cancer & their energy. The Sun (Action- Real World – Architect), Mercury (Messenger – Giver – Wordsmith), & New Moon will all join Mars (Warrior- Alchemist – Leader) in Cancer. Cancer is a water sign that deals with all the realms of emotions & its many layers. The Crab likes to feel nested & comfortable. It’s claws allow it to fight for that cause. Cancers are very comfortable in the realms of what is needed to make one feel grounded or at home. You know the feeling of that blanket that you have had forever that just makes you feel nested, the smell of it, the fabric rubbing against you, the experience…. Well that feeling makes Cancers feel complete. This month will arise many memories in us of events, people, feelings that all are seeking that nested feeling from deep within. What sustenance is needed this month to make you feel at home?

Nun is the God of the cosmic waters of the subconscious in Egypt. The subconscious is vast because it contains all the threads that are knitted together through lifetimes to get us to where we currently are. Don’t let that concept go over your head, it shouldn’t! Time is not a linear thing; in fact, it is circular always coming back to the source…. We are all combinations of past karma, current karma, & future because we are all in circular time. Cancers have natural access to the understanding of this circular nature, the waters of Nun, & all the issues… happiness…. greatness…. or sadness that can reside in the subconscious. Cancers understand how everything ties itself together to get us to where we are in the present.

Nun, Ancient Egypt

Nun, Ancient Egypt

After the Sun enters Cancer so will Mercury. There is an aspect that is occurring this month that is a powerful point in the zodiac. There will be a superior conjunction when the Sun & Mercury come together, this is called cazimi, “in the heart of.” So we will be getting to the heart of the emotional experience & the center of that which may need help in order to bring our past… present… & future selves to the present in full form & strength. Mercury is the messenger so listen to those messages that the stars are bringing us this month. This brings a great wisdom that will carry us through the rest of the year.

The Summer is such a great time to connect with nature and give respect to it. Go to your favorite park at night and look at the stars and use that time to reflect exactly where you are trying to get in the Season of Wands & what emotional traumas from the past are currently leaving your crippled. I love the beach, as well as that feeling of the sand between my toes…. The vastness of the ocean reminds us of the vastness of life as well as it’s twists & turns. Take a moment this month & give notice.

Heru Jerome 6/22/2017

Tarot Talks Volume XVI: An interview with Mary Evans, creator of the Road to Nowhere Oracle

June 19th, 2017

Hi my beautiful souls! Summer is here, the Season of Wands!!!! That alchemy that gets shit done, wonder why so many babies are born in the winter? Well the Season of Wands has us getting into action & the best way to do so is with a strong sense of self. Divination tools help us to better understand self, where we are in the world & how we connect with others. Mary Evans has created an Oracle that allows one to connect with self on a very deep level. It is wonderful for those Summer Nights where you are trying to delve into self, & do some shadow work. I hope that you enjoy reading about this deck as much as I have!


The Road to Nowhere Oracle, by Mary Evans

The Road to Nowhere Oracle, by Mary Evans

Mary Evans creator of the Road to Nowhere Oracle

“Every picture has its shadows & it has some sort of light” Joni Mitchell…. This statement is so true to see the light we must understand what resides in the darkness. Mary Evans has created a deck rich in imagery that helps one to connect with all aspects of self, shadows included!

Worthy Tarot: What inspired you to embark on the journey to create a new deck?

ME: This is the fifth deck project I have undertaken. It feels like this new light bulb of inspiration, but more of an expansion upon the work I have already created. Each deck I have made thus far reflects the changes in my life & environment. They are portraits of my ideas & spirituality at the time when they were created. I started merging my art with divination when I was 23 years old. Now 27, it’s really cool to look back on my previous work & see how things have evolved for me.

Mary Evans, creator of the Road to Nowhere Oracle

Mary Evans, creator of the Road to Nowhere Oracle

I began the Road to Nowhere Oracle soon after I moved to Joshua Tree California. It was a big move for me. I didn’t know many people in Joshua Tree & I came here on advice from my psychic. It was the first time I moved without a friend or a partner or for school – the first time I lived alone, working for myself full-time. Truly the most independent I had been in my life. When you don’t have your job, partner, term paper, or whatever, to blame for your sadness or frustration, you have to look yourself straight in the mirror. It’s clear that the issues are within, meaning you have power to do the work to transform it. Living out in the middle of the desert leaves space for you to process & self-reflect. Not all of this is rainbows & butterflies. Living out here has made me feel more comfortable with addressing the traumas of the past. You can see some of these shadow elements throughout the deck. I think these new energies entering my life influenced the inspiration for the deck’s creation.

The Road to Nowhere Oracle by Mary Evans

The Road to Nowhere Oracle by Mary Evans

My favorite oracle deck is the Secret Dakini by Penny Slinger. That deck really opened me up to a new way of viewing divination. If you have worked with Penny Slinger’s deck, you can most likely see its influence in these cards. Much of my aesthetic is rooted in punk and d.i.y. culture, whereas most of my early childhood influences were colorful & whimsical southern folk art. I think this deck is reflective of both.

Worthy Tarot: The visuals in this deck, are much different than your decks in the past yet you have managed to remain in a transformational frequency. How does this deck differ other than the look of it?

ME: There are certain feelings or expressions that as an artist I may not be able to capture with pen & paper. Using found images was a way to purpose the world around me to express my thoughts. My decks carry a certain playfulness & whimsy paired with a sharp edge of darker elements. To me, this is how I find balance in efforts to explain profound themes in life. I am hoping that this same spirit carries over in the Road to Nowhere deck. It’s difficult to say just how different it is from my other decks without having been able to use it in a reading yet.

The Road to Nowhere Oracle by Mary Evans

The Road to Nowhere Oracle by Mary Evans

Worthy Tarot: What was the process like to create this deck, how long did it take you?

ME: I am unlike most other artists that you meet. If you know me, you know how hard I work. People often have a vision of full-time artists as lazy, & this is something that I often fight when explaining my business to those with more conventional jobs.

Sometimes I feel shamed for how relentlessly I dedicate myself to my work. Some people have called me a workaholic. What these people don’t understand about me is that this is not just work for me. I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon. The baby-dolls in my mom’s attic have crayon scribbles on the tops of their heads. This is not just a work effort; this is what deeply fulfills my life’s purpose.

Working on new artistic endeavors is what makes me the most happy in life. I live doing this & put my all into it. I keep an industrious schedule for my projects & work hard to meet my self-imposed deadlines. I started the Road to Nowhere Oracle Deck in December 2016 & finished it right before I turned 27 in May 2017. The actual artwork took 2 months & the rest of the time was dedicated to writing the guidebook & formatting. Right now I am in the process of proofing before I print :) .

The Road to Nowhere Oracle by Mary Evans

The Road to Nowhere Oracle by Mary Evans

Worthy Tarot: Do you think that you would create a Tarot Deck that can pair with this one?

ME: You know, I’m really not sure. I would like to take a break from making decks for now. I love tarot & divination so much – it has done incredible things in my life, but I feel called to work in some other interest areas. Currently I am writing a book about my philosophy on creating spiritual practices. Writing is a challenging medium that I enjoy & feel it is helping me grow.

I have a lot more to say, but I have directed most of that voice to a very particular audience. I want to expand & see what happens. This doesn’t mean I’ll never make a deck again. I am sure I’ll return to deck making at some point. But for now, you might be seeing me in some different avenues.  

Worthy Tarot: Did the current tone of the climate in our country right now influence the images in this deck?

ME: Man… I think it’s difficult for this political climate not to affect our lives & work at this point. It’s not like before now the government wasn’t corrupt & didn’t mistreat its people. The difference might be that we are now nose-to-nose with the stare of things as there are.

I have thought about if what is going on with our country has had an influence on this work. When I create these spiritual tools, I like to give them freedom to speak as they may. I do feel the energy in this deck has been somewhat shaped by what has been going on. This deck is bolder in confronting deep shadow themes than any other I have made. Even titling the deck “Road to Nowhere” was something I hesitated over, my concern being that people would think it was too morose. Ultimately, this is the title & work I felt most connected to.

Worthy Tarot: I know an artist’s work becomes like their children so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Do you have a favorite card in this deck?

ME: Yes! A hard question! I’m not completely sure without having used the cards in a reading for myself. However, The Hypnotists card best depicts my original vision for the deck.

The Road to Nowhere Oracle by Mary Evans

The Road to Nowhere Oracle by Mary Evans

Worthy Tarot: If someone is interested in your deck how would they get a hold of you?

ME: You can purchase my decks on my website www.spirit-speak.com


On Etsy www.etsy.com/shop/spiritspeaktarot

6-9-2017- Full Moon in Sagittarius “Strong Sun Moon”

  •   Color- Rose
  •   Friday- Influenced by Venus – love, friendship, reconciliation, beauty
  •   Sagittarius- Element fire, encourages self-confidence, expansive imagination, hopeful outlook, expansion & growth

Happy Full Moon in our lovely Fire Sign of Sagittarius. That sign which has self-confidence at its core as well as an optimistic outlook. The Sagittarius can point their arrow right toward their goals, & they always have impeccable aim! That fearlessness, as well as their sometimes-quiet fierceness (they are not as showy as the other signs in their element, Leo & Aries) serves them well. The moon is aligned this month in this sign to give us all access to this energy. Use it to point your arrows straight to where you want to go!

Venus & Mercury both returned to the signs that they rule on Tuesday, this is great news for all of us. Venus & Mercury open the doors to all of us for manifestation, especially when in their ruling signs. Planets being in their own sign & direct allows energy to flow in a very clear direction. The ease for the strengths of these planets to shine their light on us, helping is to navigate dark terrain is all around us.

We must enjoy what we do, to do it effectively. Venus in Taurus emphasizes how enjoyment in what we do gives us the energy to not only continue that path, but, also to do so with success. Venus is all about love, friendship & beauty. The Taurus, ruled by the Earthly Suit of Pentacles deals with those matters that are important to help us to remain grounded. Those things that at times can frankly feel like chores. However, the loving energy of Venus paired with Taurus grants us the amazing gift of seeing exactly where our path is leading & we will have fun while we navigate this path! Expect this energy to not only impact you, it will also have lovely implications for those around you. We can expect this to linger until Independence Day, 7/4.

Mercury will be in Gemini, its own sign until 6/21. This is going to be a little tough I’m being honest! It will be travelling close to the Sun during this time. Mercury is our ruler of communication, & remember that the Sun represents the physical world. So, do not let the quickness of the Sun’s proximity impact how you communicate with others. There will be a natural energy in the air that makes being quick, snappy & rash easy for all of us. Do not let this have a negative impact on those around you, & if you happen to get caught up in this be patient with yourself… it is natural with where the planets currently are. Mercury will end up in a heated opposition with Saturn, this means that those big ideas will require even bigger effort. Understand that those Wings of Mercury are magical, so is their charm & gift of gab. This energy will serve you well this month, use it wisely!

Friday’s Full Moon will be a powerful one, it peaks as its ruler Jupiter changes direction. Jupiter is the ruler of expansion. When planets change direction, it is very powerful because their effects can be felt on a grand scale. Friday’s Full Moon also sees most of its rulers being direct, which means we will all be soaring! Saturn plays a big part in the frequency of this month, the moon will be sitting a couple of degrees from Saturn. This is the last full moon in Sagittarius that Saturn will be present for the next few decades. What have you been able to become a master at the past couple of years, and how has that given you the confidence to point your arrow straight in the direction of your dreams?

Heru Jerome 5/23/2017

5/25/2017- New Moon in Gemini

Happy New Moon in our lovely Air Sign of Gemini. That sign which causes us to look at things from both perspectives. It is important to look at life from every angle possible, sometimes the answers aren’t always clear. Having the ability to look at the picture from every direction possible helps us to develop wisdom that is invaluable. Don’t always take things at face value, investigate until you can gather the truth. The energies of this moon will allow us all to exercise these abilities.

Venus squares Pluto on Thursday, the day of our New Moon. Venus is a planet that is associated with love in all its forms as well as the harmony that comes from channeling that energy. So, when the planet that is responsible for love & beauty finds itself in a tense square with Pluto, a planet that is associated with transformation (sometimes painfully). This pairing will give us a clear look into the pain that can severely damage if left unhealed. You will find very deep feelings arise within you during this time, these are feelings that may have not been apparent until now however they are coming to the surface so they can be manifested through strength. Like it says in the Neverending Story, “it has to hurt for it to heal.”

Venus is currently ruled by Mars, so we will find tough times as Mars opposes Saturn late Sunday night. Saturn’s lessons are needed, but can be harsh in their approach. These are two of the planets that can cause great moments of pain, however they can also cause extreme moments of ecstasy if the lessons that they teach are approached with an open mind & heart. They oppose each other in every since with Mars having the energy of the Suit of Wands encouraging us to go, & Saturn being slightly more cautious asking us to stay. Like the Gemini look to the duality of this lesson, how is it double sided & how can we learn to take a two-toned approach to how we handle matters in our lives?

We have a very strong lesson of determination presented to us this month, through realizing that sometimes it requires us to truly look at every angle of a situation to conquer it. It takes emotional maturity & intelligence; however, it is a skill that if properly developed has long lasting effects.

Take a moment on Thursday night to reflect on the duality in every situation. We can’t always take things at face value, & sometimes must use all our intelligence to get to the bottom of things. What is worth having, is truly worth fighting for.

Heru Jerome 5/23/2017

Tarot Talks Volume XV: An interview with Nicole Piar, creator of the Spirit Cat Cards

Hi my beautiful souls, before you blink your eyes it will be Summer here on the East Coast! I hope that you are all enjoying your Spring, & are taking advantage of those warm days! This is a great time to truly connect with your inner truth. That can be used to manifest your wildest dreams, making them a true reality. Oracle decks are a great way to communicate messages to yourself that help to nourish the soul. Nicole Piar has used cats to create a language that truly speaks to spirit. These animals, gentle, fierce tamed & not create a platform to express that which resides deep in the soul. I hope that you enjoy reading about this deck, as much as I do working with it!


Spirit Cat Cards, by Nicole Piar

Spirit Cat Cards, by Nicole Piar

Nicole Piar creator of the Spirit Cat Cards

Nicole Piar has created a deck that is a breath of fresh air. These cats will become friends that comfort & deliver messages that are much needed.

Worthy Tarot: Tell me about yourself, where are you from & where are you currently? How have these locations influenced what you do creatively?

NP: I grew up in a very small town in New Hampshire. From my windows, you could only see trees. I wandered through that forest when everything was winter white & when it was soft, verdant summer green & when it was crisp, autumn gold & dried-blood red.

I spent so much time alone among the trees. I loved to daydream & feel the palpable enchantment of nature. This childhood brought out the seeker within me.

My parents grew up in New York City & were from immigrant families (my dad from Puerto Rico & my mom from Italy). They caught the wave of free-thinking, psychedelics, & the spirituality of nature in the 70’s.

My parents were in stark contrast to the more conservative, puritan descended, materialist New Englanders all around me. I felt like a fish out of water. Though I love solitude, I felt a deep loneliness there.

Now, I live in Los Angeles where all the weirdos & misfits wash up to shore from all over the world. It is easy to blend in by not blending. It is here that I found a sense of community for the first time, meeting artists, rebels, & mystics of all sorts.   

Spirit Cat Cards, by Nicole Piar

Spirit Cat Cards, by Nicole Piar

Creativity & the spiritual quest matter to people here. It is a rich environment for learning from my fellows. Yet, nature is still right there from me too in the rugged canyons, spotted with hawks, lions, coyotes & deer.

Here I can walk right down to the edge of the human world & watch the endless rhythms of salty tides & waves & touch something bigger than me.

Nicole Piar, creator of the Spirit Cats Cards

Nicole Piar, creator of the Spirit Cats Cards

Worthy Tarot: What drew you to Tarot & Oracle, what aspects of your energy have found their way into your deck? How does this make your deck unique?

NP: My mother gave me a variation on the Tarot Deck called Psycards when I was 15 & I immediately started doing readings for myself & my best friend. I was fascinated by these magical archetypes & started including them in my artwork.

I have always been drawn to things connected to magic & intuition. I had a rich experience with night dreams from early childhood & that only became more intense & lucid as I learned more & had more practice.

With my Sun, Venus & Mercury all in Pisces, I have a natural inclination towards the rich inner world & have spent much energy & time cultivating my skill in travelling deep within & bringing back insights & visions.

Spirit Cat Cards, by Nicole Piar

Spirit Cat Cards, by Nicole Piar

My Spirit Cats carry the energy of playfulness, radical independence & healing love. They are mischievous, sensuous, & cuddly savoring solitude & connectedness.

They embrace the darkness & the light & they love to linger on the threshold.

Spirit Cat Cards, by Nicole Piar

Spirit Cat Cards, by Nicole Piar

Worthy Tarot: What inspires you and how was that inspiration incorporated into your deck?

NP: Dance is a fountain of inspiration for me. I love to dance as it is ephemeral creativity in action. Dance, especially for long hours under the Full Moon with other people, brings me visions, ecstatic comprehension, & an indescribable, visceral feeling of being a fully embodied spirit.

I incorporated that sensuous alchemy of imagination & being alive, humming & soft, into my deck. My deck has a bit of wildness to it. Perhaps, that is why cats came through to carry the messages, Cats are only partly tame & inhabit our society on their own terms.

Spirit Cat Cards, by Nicole Piar

Spirit Cat Cards, by Nicole Piar

Worthy Tarot: If you could use a film, artists, novels to make your dream Oracle Deck what would that be?

NP: If I could make a witch’s brew with the essence of the following inspirations & concoct an Oracle Deck, I would be delighted. James Jean, Amy Sol, Haruki Marukami, Virginia Woolf, Dark Crystal, Spirited Away, Amelie, & Totoro – all under the spell & divine orchestration of the nature spirits.

Worthy Tarot: Would you ever create another deck, maybe a Tarot Deck? Think about this one I know 78 cards are a huge undertaking!

NP: I would definitely love to create another deck (oracle or tarot) but it is not something I will plan. I like to be open to receiving my projects from my soul & her friends beyond the viel – a rag-tag posse of nature spirits & guides. Once the project starts to emerge organically & from this intuitive place, then I am willing to make the commitment & sacrifices to bring it into reality.

As a creative, I have more ideas that I would ever be able to usher into this world. I have to let some of my dreams wither on the branch. This hurts but I trust that the ones that really need to come through me will as long as I am willing to do the work & be dedicated to that dream.

Spirit Cat Cards, by Nicole Piar

Spirit Cat Cards, by Nicole Piar

Worthy Tarot: If someone is interested in your deck how would they get a hold of you?

NP: You can learn more about my Spirit Cats Deck & pick up a copy for yourself & a cat-loving friend here: www.spiritcatsdeck.com

I also have a Free Tarot/Oracle E-course called Vision Seeker. It is a 13-day quest with guided mediations, card spreads & creative exercises. You can join here: www.nicolepiar.com/courses

Pop over to my Instagram to say hello & see what I am currently working on: http://Instagram.com/ghostkittenart

5/10/2017- Full Moon in Scorpio (Flower Moon)

Spring is in full swing, so are the showers that promise to bring us all those pretty flowers. This has been an interesting couple of months, the universe has bent itself in so many ways to make lessons apparent to us. However, Pluto’s placement this month allows for positive transformation for all of us. Many people will look at this as luck, call it what you will but this energy is at our fingertips for us to use to our advantage. Use the energy of this month wisely, how can it be applied to your current situation to make the direction in which you are moving clearer?

Scorpio energy promotes genuine transformation by allowing us to reach a clearer since of who we are. Also, it sheds light to those corners that we would like to remain dark. However, proper balance of our shadow & light sides promotes a stronger intuition & sense of self. There is always a flip side of energy such as this, as powerfully healthy Scorpio energy can be… If not wielded properly it can also vibrate at an intense & very low vibration. Therefore, it is important to look at this sort of situation honestly. How can it be developed to find personal power & freedom? The events this month will solve to answer this question for all of us.

The past couple of months have been filled with lessons that are very deep rooted. They have promoted learning that we will carry through lifetimes. May is going to be a turning point for many of us. We will quickly move from the difficulties of the past few months with a greater sense of understanding. However, we are to do so with the lessons from the past couple of weeks. So now is the time to do some soul searching to see how you can effectively wield that change in your life. This way we do not look at certain opportunity as just luck, but as a solid chance to claim positive change. Mercury & Venus will start to speed up, which have both been retrograde. This movement will leave lingering effects way after the ending of this moon. We all will feel like the road which we are travelling on is much clearer.

Change is always an uneasy feeling, & great change is ahead. I know that there has been a weird energy in the atmosphere the past couple of weeks. Trust me, I have felt this as well. It is just our internal compasses telling us that major change is on the way. However, this doesn’t have to be met with a sense of anxiety. I began 2017 telling all of you that this is a 1 year, which is ruled by the Fool Card in the Tarot System. This is all about change, a clean slate that will change based on its influences. There is change in the cards for all of us as we enter the Summer, however it will be exciting and much needed to get us to our next phase!

We have been prepared fully through retrogrades and systematic full & new moons to allow us to understand our higher purpose. There is true meaning to why each & every one of us have incarnated here. Sometimes the minutia of the everyday can sometimes make seeing that purpose hazy. Every lesson serves to allow us to mature & handle what life throws at us with a little more grace. Keep your eyes open, we are almost there!

Heru Jerome 5/9/2017

4/26/2017- New Moon in Taurus

I hope that all of you are having a wonderful April, our month is ending but let that bring excitement, there are great things in store! Today is a New Moon in our lovely Earth Sign of Taurus. This is probably this sign out of all in the zodiac that gives me the most trouble as an Aries but that is a personal problem, lol. The Taurus is like fertilizer their ability to remain grounded & focused with where they will assert their energy to help their ideas flourish is a gift. The ability that allows the Taurus to put on blinders & focus, gives their dreams & wishes the proper nourishment to grow & prosper. However, those same blinders can sometimes hinder them from seeing the panoramic view that is life. This moon ushers us into balancing those tools within ourselves regardless of where we fall within the zodiac.

We have had many things thrown at us the past couple of weeks that have truly opened our eyes. One of them has been the Mercury Retrograde which I am sure will bring smiles to all of us once it ends. However, with a week of heightened intuition concerning those steps that need to be taken to get us to our hearts desires we are presented with a New Moon in a sign that has realism at its core! The lessons of this New Moon come to us in a week that is clear of other influences to allow us to truly get to the heart of what we will be taught over the next couple of weeks.  

Although the Taurus is rooted and grounded to the lessons that earthly matters involve, its “Fixed Earth” orientation, can make them overindulgent, stubborn & stagnant. Truly walk with balance this month, & put clear view to how being too caught up in these tendencies can have negative effects for us this month. Being able to assert your energy to truly move to bringing ideas to fruition is an asset that is helpful to everyone. However, it must be trained as to not negatively influence other aspects of our lives. Do not allow those blinders to stop you from seeing things in your range that need your attention & energy as well! We will see significant change in the next coming weeks concerning those issues that the Mercury, Venus & Pluto retrogrades have presented us.

One of the things that can give us a release is that Mercury will come out of retrograde during the window of this New Moon. Mercury will begin moving forward again on 5/3 – 5/4, so many of the lessons that it has presented to us over the past couple of weeks will start to make sense for us. This month is rooted in the practicality of the Taurus, so expect the observations that we make to be done through a lens of sensibility. Venus finished it’s retrograde on 4/15 however it’s slow movement can still challenge us in the areas of relationships, personal values, friendships. Those insights of the Taurus will cause us to look clearly at how these things are impacting our grounding & everything associated with being grounded (money, health, living space, etc.).

This is a great time to set realistic intentions. There are many frequencies in our planets that are supporting positive change. How can the practicality & determination of the Taurus help you this month & how can they hold you back? Reflect honestly tonight with those ideas at the forefront of your mind. 2017 is an amazing month for all of us because it is a 1 month (2+1+7= 10 | 1+0= 1), so understand that change will occur regardless it is knitted within the fabric of this year. We just need to be strategic!

Heru Jerome 4/26/2017

4/20/2017- Pluto Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde 4-20-17 8:49am – Direct 9-28-17 3:36pm

Pluto retrograde will begin 4-20-17 at 8:49am ET at 19° Capricorn and ends on 9-28-17 at 3:36pm ET at 16° Capricorn. There will be opportunity for much progress, however there will also be many obstacles that test that progress. Jupiter’s involvement in this retrograde suggests that many problems that will arise will deal with greed, excess, our beliefs, our faith in them, & our personal & spiritual ideologies.

Pluto Retrogrades are very common in most all of our natal charts, about half of us have it in retrograde in our birth charts so generally there is less fear associated with it being in retrograde then say one of our inner planets. However, this still does have influence over us & repercussions so we are not out of the clear just yet!

All of us have the fear of letting go, even when it claws at us. Some of us struggle with this issue more than others. Pluto retrograde in one’s natal chart can make this fear of moving forward all too familiar! Retrogrades make it difficult for us to access energy that is most often abundant to us. So, expect this retrograde to bring with it the difficulties of bringing those intense needs to the surface that require your immediate attention. Especially in the areas of letting go & moving forward. You may have difficulties accessing your personal power at this time & expressing it.

Understand that our past life experiences can manifest fear in us that is very real. Most often this is from dealing with old issues of past karmic lessons. The fear of being controlled & the balance with taking control most often can deal with these past life traumas. The side that you fall on concerning this balance of power will be revealed through aspects of Pluto & fixed star conjunctions. These struggles spill over to many areas including fear of poverty, death, manipulation, & betrayal to name a few; these can make us extremely intense on the inside & difficult to be around.

Pluto retrogrades help to bring these fears to the surface through bringing fated events to us via our real world tests. These themes will continue to repeat themselves until you learn how to calm the beast that is within through learning how to properly wield inner power & intensity.

Pluto retrogrades occur often, typically they lasts for five months yearly, during Pluto’s opposition to the sun. It causes much less concern then the rarer retrogrades of our inner planets. Use this time as one to reflect about the proper use or misuse of power & control in your life. Look to those people in your circle who abuse their power using it to control, now is the time to remove those energies. If you have abused your power & have tried to control others in an unhealthy way, now is the time to change those behaviors. If you are too controlling in your relationships now is the time to reevaluate, smothering doesn’t always quantify love!

This is also a strong time for the Devil Card in the Tarot to take reign. Watch out for those habits that prevent your personal freedoms… What tethers you & prevents you from vibrating at your most high? Are issues such as laziness, overspending, not saving, overly sexual behaviors, gambling, racism, abuse of porn are they holding you back? Remember there is balance in everything, truly look at how these issues take a toll in your life!

Keep in mind that the presence of Jupiter in this retrograde means that opportunities for success will be presented to us. However, there will be many tests for us to comfortably get there. There is energy that is destructive and it hinders the transformation that is needed in us to move to our next steps. This retrograde will put that in our faces in order for us to find personal solutions to help us to succeed.

Events to Note:

Saturn Trine Uranus- use this time as an ideal one to make positive change that will bring realistic transition.

Jupiter Square Pluto- this is all about success, you will want to succeed and I mean big time. Watch out for the excessive pride that can come from our success in areas and how that is shown to others. Misuse of this can create big enemies that none of us want during this time.

This will be a great time filled with many lessons, just have to keep our eyes open to properly navigate.


Heru Jerome 4/17/2017

4/11/2017- Full Moon in Libra (Wind Moon)

Libra Moon-

  •       Cooperation
  •       Compromise
  •       Social Activities
  •       Balance
  •       Friendship
  •       Partnership

We have a Full Moon in our lovely Air sign of Libra, the sign that considers balance to be an integral part of navigating anything. As you know the element of Air deals with thoughts, expect this moon to bring clear thought in regards to how aligning the heart & mind better allows us to navigate self along with the needs of others. This is a very delicate dance, one that this moon is attempting to help us to master.

We have witnessed several cosmic events this year that are impacting all of us on a global karmic level. Just like the individual has its own karma that determines how we make moves, so does our world collectively. We witness this month the continued struggles that come from an ongoing Grand Square in the Cardinal Signs (Libra, Aries, Cancer & Capricorn). What does this mean to us? Well, just like those Cardinal signs usher us into our 4 seasons, this Grand Square will usher us into an area that allows us to learn from big life lessons. This can be a stressful time, however many of us will leap during this time because we are at the edge of the precipice. This isn’t always as terrifying as it sounds. Change will occur regardless however, the universe is giving us all that extra push this month. Access this power this month; it helps one to look at stress in a different way through seeing how it can bring forth positive change. Optimism is one of the most powerful weapons!  

The Libra Full Moon is aligned to Jupiter, keep in mind that the moon is our feminine side & represents our subconscious & yin. These aspects are expanded during this time as support from Jupiter continues. Air signs are all about our headspace & how one thinks about things. Your mind will definitely try to conceptualize how things are effecting your overall well-being. Keep in mind that air blows around everything that is not tethered, do not allow your peace to be blown away in what many can consider temporary chaos. Allow yourself to access wisdom & see how you can use the energies of the month to promote clearer thinking. The thoughts that we will have are developing so we can bring them into action with the learning lessons of a Full Moon in a Cardinal sign. Use this light to guide you this month, that should bring much needed comfort & momentum.

“I see those trees, they bend in the wind, I feel that they have a lot more sense than me…” Kate Bush Rubberband Man

Full moons in Air signs teach us the ability to be flexible & adaptable. They help us to gain better perspective for ourselves & those around us through the clarity of balance. Keep in mind that the Sun & Moon enter a collective balance themselves this month. They will align with the on-going T-Square of Jupiter opposing Uranus with Pluto. This is tremendous energy from many different sources. You can see supported by the energies that are manifesting around us that we are close to major change not just on individual levels but on a huge global level. It is important to set intentions & remain grounded during times like these. I can’t tell anyone what to believe in or do, however it is important to connect with things on a more spiritual level during times like this. This gives one greater perspective & allows one to not only see but to truly understand things on a more collective level. We are all on the same journey, we just all have radically different ways that we will end up there. We are all in this together, change is near & it will be big!

The obstacles that have stood in the way of your spiritual, creative & mental freedoms will become apparent this month. We are in an Air sign so naturally you will want to think about these things, however it is important to see how you will bring change into practice that is practical for your spiritual self. This is why it is so important to be connected to a spiritual source that is greater than the individual, because it makes it easier to navigate this energy & wield powerful change. An awakening is happening for all of us, just anticipate what you will do once woken! STAY UP!!!!!!

Heru Jerome 4/11/2017

3/27/2017- New Moon in Aries

We have a New Moon in the amazing Cardinal sign of Aries! Sorry if I show a little favoritism, this is my sign & I am so much an Aries. The fiery, will be seen, fast moving warrior energy is something that I am very aware of. It is important though to learn how to tame those fires as not to burn others, but we all know a little burn is needed once in a while. This New Moon is aligned to the Spring, Season of Aces, & is associated with an energy that is capable of bringing forth exciting new things. Just like the flowers that come from the ground & bend their way towards the sun’s rays, the energy of this moon provides us the sunshine to help our new endeavors grow. Bravery is a concept that is not foreign to most Aries, allow yourself to tap into that energy this month regardless of your sign. The flip side to this attitude is also the me first, selfish mentality that is something that most fire signs struggle with. These behaviors will most likely be highlighted in yourselves and those around you this month. This moon is charged with energy to give you drive & focus, all of us should take full advantage.

One of the major aspects of this New Moon is Aries conjunction to retrograde Venus. Venus, being a sign of balance & harmony struggles with the power hungry energy of the Aries. So expect a push & pull this month concerning these areas. When Venus enters Aries, the “I Love You” energy can easily shift to “I Love Me.” So, this moon is suggesting to turn your attention inwards to have love for self. Bring this energy with you into your new projects & endeavors, they will not be successful without a deep understanding & connection to your personal needs. Reassess those values that are at your core, & be honest with yourself to see if those are in place in your life. We have the time to better understand in our minds eyes exactly who we are & what is needed to sustain us personally. This will help us not only to define our goals more clearly, but to realize them in our actual day to day.

The Aries energy is heightened this month; we have five planets in this sign as well as Mars. Mars is strongly supported by its proximity to Pluto, which can make matters spin out of control in an atmosphere that is charged with energy that is so much related to personal power. The Mars, Saturn, proximity this month allows Saturn to come in allowing Mars to proceed with caution. Meaning, Saturn provides the discipline for Mars to channel its power responsibly. We can also tap into this wisdom, using caution & strategic planning to carefully channel our energy to make our endeavors successful. You will be aware of any impulsiveness, a lot of that stems from internal frustration.

There is also a T-Square which brings Jupiter, Uranus & Pluto together. We find this providing the platform for new ideas that burn bright. This is the time to create something meaningful of substance that is aligned to your personal truth, freedom & power. This clarity will allow you to understand which ideas are worth your time & investment.

Pay attention to how you come across to others this month. There is great energy brewing & it is important that it is used responsibly. This is going to require us to be flexible, although the “me, me, me” mentality can be fun to talk about it is not always fun to be on the other side of it. You have to be able to balance that out, as to not be selfish. You should have in your heart & minds eyes what will serve you best, however it is a delicate dance when going about how you will convey that to others. This is a great time, take full advantage, enjoy the Spring!

Heru Jerome 3/24/2017

3/20/2017 | Spring Equinox 6:28am Northern Hemisphere

Spring is finally upon us, the season of new beginnings or the Season of Aces as I like to refer to it. The 2017 vernal or spring (or fall) equinox will come on 3/20 at 10:29 UTC, marking Spring in the north & Fall for the south. This is my favorite time of year because being the Cardinal Sign of Aries I start the Spring! Spring is so much like the Fool Card in the Tarot, a clean slate, that has the potential to develop into anything. So, this is a wonderful time to give birth to new ideas. I like to explain it to people this way:

In the Tarot the Winter time is represented by the Suit of Swords. This suit is aligned to the element of Air, & air deals with how we think about things. Therefore, the winter season presents the time for us to delve deeply into our thoughts, it is a time for stillness. All of the seasons create a wonderful platform for us to manifest. This is the most natural magic that we all have access to. We are ushered from the Winter season into the Spring (here in the North), so those seeds that are created in the Winter serve us well when we can start to plant them in the Spring where they will take bloom.

We should approach each season understanding this concept:

Spring: Season of Aces, Time of New Beginnings, Ideas Root & Bloom

Summer: Season of Wands, Time of the Alchemist, Energy Brewing, Ideas are Given Energy & Power to Come to Fruition

Fall: Season of Pentacles, Time of the Harvest, Provides the Foundation & Requires Discipline to Prune & Tend to Ideas to Cultivate Them

Winter: Season of Swords, Time of Stillness, Deep Reflection to be Grateful for Harvest, Time to Hone Ideas for Spring

Approaching each season with this understanding helps us to properly align ourselves to take full advantage & manifest what is in our wildest dreams. This also helps us to better navigate when we are hit with roadblocks. Those ideas that we plant in the Spring are given energy to grow in the Summer which is the Season of Wands. They are brought to action by the alchemy of the Summer & harvested during the Fall which is the Season of Pentacles. We then have the beauty of the holidays in the winter that allow us to meditate & give thanks for those things that we have harvested to again usher us into the Season of Swords, Winter Time, or the Season of Stillness….

The Spring Equinox symbolizes new beginnings across most cultures, we have put tremendous significance on these traditions. The Catholic tradition honors the time of Lent which is a time for self-reflection, through personal sacrifices one honors and appreciates the blessings that are presented during the Spring time or Easter which is all about Christ’s resurrection from the dead. This can also be seen as a transformation or new beginning which has been represented in our culture for centuries. Esotre or the Goddess of the Dawn is also a representation of the concept of starting over or new beginnings. Just like the first appearance of light in the sky Esotre represents that new light & ability to start over. These are not the only cultures that embrace this concept, the Spring Equinox marks the start of the Iranian New Year. It also is Vernal Equinox Day in Japan & Chunfen in China, which bears significance to farming traditions. We also start to see many images of those cute Easter Bunnies, which is a timeless image that carries the symbol of life the Egg.


Equinoxes are so special because they happen twice a year & take place when the hours of day & night are equal. My clients are very familiar with the concept of MAAT which teaches us balance in our light and shadow sides. It is important to remember that both of these aspects are very important to who we are. The duality of today’s equinox reminds us of how light and dark sides are equal, & it is important to have them balanced. Take time to examine your light & shadow sides during this time. What are those things that you proudly show in the light, & what aspects of who you are lay dormant in your shadow side? Life is a delicate dance; it is like walking a tight rope you want to use that pole to keep yourself steady. It is not always natural to be righteous or to stay in the light, just as it is unnatural to constantly be depressed or in a shadow state. Both are necessary to who we are, but none should take over. This week is a great time to celebrate your duality.

The energy of Aries helps us to think about what is next! So you will naturally be thinking about what the next thing is for you. Remember the natural balance of all of the seasons, & look back to the reflection that you have done this Winter. It will allow you to have a sense of direction for where you want your ideas to grow & thrive. Regardless if you are in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres the energy of Aries will generate a natural power, when properly balanced will help you to open true doors that will lead you well into the fall.

Alice Neel, Lilacs

Put pen to paper this week, write down where you would like to see yourself go this Spring. Understand both the positive and negative aspects of what will get you there, & allow yourself the time to reflect on how the past year has helped you to grow. 2017 is all about newness rooted in effective strategy, how can this be applied to make major change in your life? This is a great week to conduct this personal exercise in order to see a clearer direction over the next few months.

Honor the growth that has happened in your life this year. However, understand the pain that was necessary to learn the lessons that allowed you to get here. The Spring Equinox is a magical time, flowers bud and so does our sense of who we are. Keep close to the lessons of past seasons, but also allow yourself to be open to the amazing changes that are to come!

Heru Jerome 3/20/2017

3/12/2017- Full Moon in Virgo- Storm Moon

So we have a Full Moon in our lovely Earth Sign of Virgo. We have spoken a lot about the situations that our actions can cause these last couple of months. 2017 has presented several opportunities to look at the consequences of our actions and to look at the results that come from our actions and how we can use those to catapult us into areas that are more suited to who we truly are. We all want positive outcomes, however sometimes forget that it is a bumpy road to get us there. The Virgo is the perfectionist; they seek to improve anything that they are involved in. The events that will take place this month are making improvements to get us all closer to who we truly are.


Mars is changing sign, this will steady the up and down that life has been throwing at all of us. We find ourselves looking at those areas of the Suit of Pentacles, those earthly concerns of most Earth signs especially the conservative Virgo. The real world issues that are around all of us are more than apparent. The Virgo energy of this moon helps us to contemplate. We find confirmation of our thoughts presented to us through various signs, and the action oriented energy of a Full Moon in an Earth Sign will cause us to move on our thoughts. This month is a call to action!

The Virgo considers everything, so look at what is currently working and what can use repairs. The soul searching that the Full Moon in Pisces on 2/26 has given us all ample time to look deeply. Now is the time to use that information to make true changes in the ways that we are doing things. We all know that 2017 is a year of 1, meaning that it is a blank slate, a time when the map re-calibrates. We all can go off track, but the universe has a way of putting us back on course. The direction in which we are to go is the one that will be best for who we truly are. Release that which has held you back this month, & do it without regret!

Virgo’s are meticulous in their maneuvers, so make sure that the energy that you exert this month is thought out & planned to be used for the greater good of your overall plan. Virgos need a cause that is worth their effort, make sure the work that you do this month is useful to what it is that you truly want. Also, give thought of what is needed to get you there.

March’s Full Moon is ruled by Mercury and sits in a square with Saturn. Saturn is our stern teacher, so lessons this month will be harsh however useful. Mercury delivers messages, & it is currently sitting in Pisces, so expect to get deliveries of those messages of an emotional nature. Pisces can make the visions that Mercury shows us blurry, so take the time to deeply contemplate on what you are being taught & how that can be applied to your greater good. Remember most Earth Signs have zero patience for bullshit and Virgo is one of them!

Clarity is a blessing & a powerful tool that can be used to hone truth & individual freedom & power. The last couple of months paired with the magic of a 1 year have all worked to make us better versions of who we truly are. We need to walk through life with clear purpose and this Virgo moon is allowing us to do so. Keep in mind that Venus is in the beginning phases of its retrograde, that will definitely play into how things are done this month. Venus is currently in Aries; this isn’t a quiet time. This is that vocal annoying SOB that points out the obvious instead of being silent. The boat will definitely be more than rocked this month, however, this is nothing that we will not be able to maneuver.

Heru Jerome